Fallen Angel

"No Law governs them,
No God orders them,
No Love gathers in them,
They are the..... Fallen Angel"

Walking deeper and deeper threw the woods not knowing were I'm going. I finally got to were that thing fell at and I saw someone else there. I ducked behide a tree as I saw a guy standing up. He turns his head my direction and I saw the most beautiful deep blue eyes that I have ever seen. He walked away and I sigh not knowing that I was holding my breathe. I walked to the spot that the guy was at and I saw a feather not just any feather a black feather......


5. Chapter 4

Winter's p.o.v

"Wake her up Max"

"I am NOT waking her up Blake"

"Why not"

"I got bit by her last time you wake her up"

"And what? Me die hell no"

"Poke her with a long stick" Max said and i groan

"Poke me with a stick and I will shove it down both of your throats" I said and I open my eyes and they yelled and ran. I groan and got up and walked down stairs into the living room to see Taylor, Blake, Max, Rain, and Kevin on the couch playing COD

"Hey wheres Ash" I ask

"Jesse's house" Taylor said

"Ah" I said "I'm going to go to my house to get some clothes and put these away" I said and held up my stuff that I got yesterday.

"Want us to come with you" Taylor asked as I nodded. We walked out the door and walked down to my house which is the next block over.

Taylor's p.o.v

We finally got to Winter's house and we walked in

"Mim! Dad! I'm home Taylor and Rain is with me!" Winter yelled

"Hi girls how are ya'll!" Winter's mom yelled back from in the kitchen

"We're good Mrs.Webs what about you" I asked asWinter ran upstairs

"Oh I'm good how is your mom and dad" she asked

"Oh their good" I said

"What about yours Rain" she asked her

"Work work work work work" she said and we laugh

"OKAY I'm back" Winter said

"Hey honey" her mom said

"Hey mom is it okay if I can get some money" She asked and her mom looked at her

"Does it look like I have a money tree in the back yard" her mom asked

Winter looks outside and back at her mom. She was about to say something but her mom stopped her

"Don't even answer that question. Here is three hundred dollars now go away" her mom said and handed her the money Winter smiled big and hug her mom

"Thank you mommy" Winter said and we walked out the kitchen and went outside


Sorry that this is short I will try to make the next chapter longer....


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