Fallen Angel

"No Law governs them,
No God orders them,
No Love gathers in them,
They are the..... Fallen Angel"

Walking deeper and deeper threw the woods not knowing were I'm going. I finally got to were that thing fell at and I saw someone else there. I ducked behide a tree as I saw a guy standing up. He turns his head my direction and I saw the most beautiful deep blue eyes that I have ever seen. He walked away and I sigh not knowing that I was holding my breathe. I walked to the spot that the guy was at and I saw a feather not just any feather a black feather......


3. Chapter 2 Not Gay?

25 minutes of walking we finally got to my sheet. Max and Winter was arguing about random things and Rain and I was talking about buying new stuff. We got to my house and to my surprised it was locked. I started hearing grunting inside and stopped what I was doing. I pressed my ears up to the door and heard something I didn't want to hear.

"Come on Kevin they'll be home at 3:15 lets do it." I heard my brother Kevin say to Blake.

"Dude I don't want them thinking that I'm gay which I'm not" Blake said and started hearing footsteps walking away.

"Blakey pwease" My brother begged to Blake.

"Ugh okay find lets go." Blake said.

I turn to the others and gave that are you serious face.

"I think their going to fuck" I said and started to unlock the door quickly as I heard banging around the living room. 

"I really don't want to see this" Max said as I open the door.

"Come on you wimp" I heard Kevin say as we walked in to see Kevin on top of Blake wrestling in the living room.

"Oh thank god" Max said as we laughed.

They stopped what they were doing and looked at us wide eyed. "Ummmm this is so not what it looks like." Kevin said.

"Yea okay you know if ya'll wanted to get all naughty there is this thing called a room." Winter said as we laughed.

"Nah man he bet me that I couldn't get him on the floor in 30 secounds." Kevin explain.

"Prefect way to get even more naughty." she said and winked playfully " Don't worry I like watching gays make out its so adorable." Kevin and Blake jumped up and looked at each other.

"We are not gay!!!" They both yelled at the same time as we laughed.

"Then why was that whole 'Come on Kevin they'll be home at 3:15 lets do it.' 'Dude I don't want them thinking that I'm gay which I'm not' 'Blakey pwease' My brother begged to Blake.' 'Ugh okay find lets go.' Shit" She said in both of their voices perfectly. 

Blake glared at Kevin as Kevin stared at Blake with a big smile.

"Fuck you man." He said and walked away. "I'm not gay!" He yelled

"Whatever floats your banana boat." Winter said and sat down.

"Wheres mom and dad?" I asked.

"Store why." Kevin said.

"Hmm no wonder ya'll were about to have sex perfect timing to." Winter mumble and Kevin glared at her. She smiled and threw a pillow at him.

"We're home!" My mom and dad yelled.

"Hi!" We all yelled back.

"Mommmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!" I wined and gave her the puppy face.

"Yes Taylor?" She asked.

"Can my fwiends stay the nightttt pwease." I asked.

"You remember what happen last time right." she said.

"Hmm no nothing that comes to mind." I said acting innocent.

"Really well let me remind you about the home made plastic pancakes that ya'll made and try to force your poor brother to eat them even though the dog wouldn't while he was tied up."

"That's kinky." Rain said as we laughed.

"Oh come on mom he had it coming." I said and sat on the counters.

"And what about the time ya'll set our back yard on fire and jumping off the roof onto the trampoline."

"We had on gear." I said and she glared at me "oh mom quit bring up the past and think about the future." I said and smiled.

"It happen last week." She said laughing

"That was when I was a stupid and a immature child.... but today I am a WOMEN." I said throwing up my fist while my friends did the battle cry.

"Find whatever but don't kill anyone or anything." She said and I laughed.

"I would never do that mom." I said.

"You set a frog on fire." She said.

"Always bring up the past." I said and grab a apple, taking a bite out of it, and walked away.

I sat down on the couch and groan loudly.

"Awwwww is little TayTay bored." Rain asked.

"Yes.... lets order pizza or go to the mall or something." I said we looked at each other and nodded.

"What do you think gay Kevin and gay Blake?" Winter asked the guys.

"We aren't gay!" They both yelled and groan.

"Ash you've been quite what do you think?" I asked as she looked up from her phone for the first time since she has been home.

"All three" She said and got up smiling I nodded and walked into the kitchen and asked mom for her credit card. She gave it to me and was talking about what to buy and what not to buy and blah blah blah. We me, Kevin, Blake, Max, Ash, Winter, and Rain walked to the car and got in. Blake started the car and backed up going right to the mall which was a hour away from where we lived.

Again i'm sorry if this sucks

Thank you!


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