Fallen Angel

"No Law governs them,
No God orders them,
No Love gathers in them,
They are the..... Fallen Angel"

Walking deeper and deeper threw the woods not knowing were I'm going. I finally got to were that thing fell at and I saw someone else there. I ducked behide a tree as I saw a guy standing up. He turns his head my direction and I saw the most beautiful deep blue eyes that I have ever seen. He walked away and I sigh not knowing that I was holding my breathe. I walked to the spot that the guy was at and I saw a feather not just any feather a black feather......


2. Chapter 1 School

-Taylor's p.o.v-

"He hit her!"

"We were protecting our friend!"

"Why do you always side with them!"

"Fuck this! This school is fucking stupid! He hits a girl and ya'll are like 'oh I don't believe you, Mike is our finest student!' but no, if I stand up for my friend, who is a female, it's all like 'oh your getting d-hall'. You know what? Fuck you and your d-hall!" 

Everyone was screaming at the principle at the same time. Yea I know you're probably wondering what happened so I'll explain from the beginning.


We were outside eating lunch when Mikey and his 3 friends started walking our way.

"Eww...look at the emo faggots," he said as they laughed. We stared at them with the 'you're a fucking dumb ass face'. He stared back and took a step closer.

"not going to say anything back? okay so how about this?  Go home and cut yourself." Mikey said.

"I did, three times, and I was thinking of you the whole time when I was licking it up." Max said and stood up. "Now walk away Mikey, why do you have to come up here  fucking with us mind your own fucking business" He said and pointed just as the bell rang for us to come inside.

"I'll deal with ya'll faggots later." Mikey said angrily as him and his friends walked away.

"I hope you trip and break your face on the damn ground you fucking prick!" Winter yelled as we started walking toward the building. We got into Mrs. King's room and I remember that I forgot my book in my locker.

"Hey, tell Mrs. King that I'm going to get my book out of my locker." I said as I started walking the other way.

"Ok" Max said.

When I got to my locker, I got my book out and slammed it shut. I started to walk back to class when I was shoved into the lockers. I opened my eyes to see Mikey.

"Listen here you stupid little bitch tell your boyfriend to back off." he said.

"Fuck you" I said and kneed him in the guts. He groaned and grabbed my hair and hit me hard. I fell to the ground in pain as his foot hit my side.

"Fucking bitch! I was trying to play nice!" He said as he kicked me again.

"Hey!" Someone yelled.

-Max's p.o.v-

'Something wasn't right. It doesn't take Taylor 5 minutes to get her book' I thought as I got up and walked to the teachers desk

"Yes?" Mrs. King asked

"May I go to the bathroom?" I asked

"Yes" She said

I walked back to my desk and put my pencil down

"Whats wrong" Winter asked

"Something is wrong with Taylor" I said and walked out the classroom. I started toward her locker when I heard footsteps coming from behide me. I turned around and saw Winter and Rain.

"How did ya'll get out of class" I asked

"We told the teacher that Taylor was taking super long and wanted to check to see if she was OK" Winter explain.

"Ya'll are just her favorite students" I said annoyed and started walking when I heard yelling.

"Fucking bitch! I was tring to play nice!" I rounded the corner and saw Taylor on the ground and Mikey over her kicking her side.

"Hey!" I yelled as I ran towards him, my fist connecting with his jaw and we both fell down onto the ground.

-Taylor's p.o.v-

I looked up and saw Max running over here and hitting Mikey in the jaw causing both of them hit the floor.

"Taylor come on" Winter said and grabbed my arm. I looked over and saw Max on top of Mikey hitting him.

"Hey! Ya'll two knock it off" the principle yelled as he grabbed Max and pulled (more like pride) him off

"What in gods name is up with you two?" He asked

"Sir I was going to my locker when that freak attacked me." Mikey said

"That's a damn lie and you know it!" Max yelled

"Mouth! All of you to my office now!" He yelled


And that is how we got here.

"Max? What have I told you about using those words." He asked

"....whatever..." Max said and rolled his eyes. Mr. Green groaned and looked at me

" Taylor honey tell me what happen?" He asked kindly.

"I was getting my book out my locker for Mrs. Kings room and Mikey pushed me against it hard and I tried to get away but he had his grip really hard on me body so I kneed him. He punched me then started yelling and kicking me that's when Max rounded the corner and saw it. Sir Max was just standing up for me if you want to put anyone in D-Hall put me in it I rather take it then him." I said and stared him right in the eyes. He nodded and looked at Mikey. "Taylor I'm not going to give you D-Hall because you were being honest and straight forward. but you." He said and pointed at Mikey. "5 days of after school d-hall." He said and Mikey's jaw drop to the ground.

"This is bullshit sir!!!!" Max yelled and stood up quickly.

"Do you want 2 weeks?" Mr. Green asked angrily.

"No sir.." Mikey mumbled and looked away

"Good now ya'll may leave." We all nodded and left. We started down the hallway when Mikey yelled at us.

"Hey freaks!" Mikey yelled. "Ya'll just wait, I'm going to make you faggots wish ya'll had never done that." He said and stormed off.

"I'm going to make you faggots wish that ya'll had never done that cause I'm a fucking titty baby and can't take a 5 day d-hall cause I have whores to fuck." Winter said in his voice. We all laughed and walked outside.

"Thank you." I said and looked down

"Hey we're here for ya." Rain said and hugged me. I winced in pain and lifted up my shirt to see a large bruise forming on my side.

"Damn did he kick you that hard?" Max asked

"No I just attacked his foot cause it looked at me funny." I said and Max looked confused.

"But why would you do that silly." He said playing along

"Whatever. Let's go home." I said and giggled as Max smiled. 


Sorry if this is crappy but please comment for feedback thank you


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