My guide

Her best friend is off to collage , She won't be back for a year or so...So she has to live by herself in their own apartment . Or so she thinks c; . Right before Katherine Leaves a young boy in the late 20"s shows up at their door . They both don't know what to think , Or say . He smiles and introduces himself to Just Katherine ? Strange ? . Can this boy be a guide for Katherine to cope for her childhood friend ?


1. Prologue


    ''So this is it , Isn't it ? '' Katherine's eyes were watery , I can tell her heart was breaking just by the way her voice cracked when she talked . It's gonna be weird without Her around , She's one of my closest friends in the world and We're actually saying goodbye . ''Can't you come back after college ? ''  I asked holding her right hand looking into her eyes , She shook her head biting her lip and pulling her hand away . ''I can't Sam..I won't have enough money to come back and I'm gonna be study the city ''  ''We have Skype and Texting ''  I knew what What I was doing was wrong but I couldn't see my life without her ...I needed her to stay , To be there for me when I'm upset , comfort me at night when I can't stop crying , And Make me laugh when I'm trying to be Angry ...I needed Katherine !! . ''It won't be the same Sam , Don't worry about me though , You'll be just fine I mean their's a world out there worth experiencing ! You'll love it '' . Just then the doorbell ran , We both looked at each other weird . Katherine put her hand on my shoulders and walked towards the door , She looked through the hole and Made a concerned look . I gave her the same expression . She asked who is it and the other person Answered ''Daniel Reverson '' She opened the door and that's when I saw an angel from heaven at my doorstep , Katherine smiled at me but I kept looking at Daniel . He chuckled ''Hello '' .

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