Battles against survival

All thats left on the planet are the ravens, the black crows, the leaders, and the strangers, but what happens when a stranger has to become someone else. Cover made by H.S2824


1. The battles

There’s not a lot of humanity left, our populations have gone down, and now all that's left is to fight each other for survival. After everyone started fighting,only the smart people started to teamed up with others of different types, strong, athletic, metics, and others. The only guilds left are as listed by power:

The Leaders       


The Black Crows      


The Ravens       


    Then there’s the strangers, which are the people that have survived on their own.

Most of the strangers partner up with one person and they fight with each other for as long as they can. The only stranger that will refuse to work with anyone is Chi Usagi (Which means Blood Moon). She was named that because her parents knew something like this would happen sooner or later, so they gave her a name that meant what she would become.

When she was out searching for food The Ravens caught her and took her to their base to interrogate her.

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