My name isn't Forrest Ellen Thunder-Flower.

Never trust a middle-aged woman to write a young girl's story. Because they don't know who we are, or what we go through. They paint us as insecure, vulnerable, with this ridiculous intellect and this 'enchanting mental disability', which they romanticize and make us desirable. We aren't like this. Yes we struggle, but if we have problems they aren't sexy. They don't elicit attention from weak men. They bring about ignorance, pain, and problems of their own. My name isn't Forrest Ellen Thunder-Flower. I'm not a hipster struggling with the orthodoxies of the world. Just a normal girl, struggling with the perspective of the middle-aged.


1. The Fault in Our Society.

My name isn't Forrest Ellen Thunder-Flower. It's Ronnie. You know, something somewhat normal. I feel like people have forgotten that girls in romantic novels can be normal to. Authors really have distorted the image of the teenage girl, struggling with boys and adult life. Sure, it's a hell-hole. But it's not a global crisis. It's life, you'd be surprised by how many people have one. I'm sat contemplating this after reading TFIOS, sprawled on my bed and feeling...sorry for the individuals this has influenced, not to mention imagining the hate I'd receive if I expressed that sympathy in a Facebook post. The book's full of stereotypes, dull, ambiguous characters and constant monologging. It's the 21st century. Teens...don't speak like that. I don't think I or any of my friends are capable of spontaneously vomiting in-depth monologues in seconds. Teens who are genuinely sick don't have the luxury of being snappy, witty or clever in response to every event. They don't suddenly become 'magically wise'. They become introverted, terrified, depressed coils of life that are far too concerned with their own problems to go around spouting long monologues about life's meaning, infinities and attractive boys. Anne Frank's bedroom, quite frankly (no pun intended) is no place to tongue-tie. 

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