The wolf

This is about a girl and there is a wolf and................i don't want to finish this because it will give too much info. JUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!!! muah hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!


2. Transformation

I go back to the woods to see if the wolf was still there. I must have been walking for hours because i haven't found anything yet. Wait........i see pawprints. I follow them and it leads me right to the wolf. Im so scared right now that i can't even move or think. The dog comes near me with his mouth open and his mouth is watering like 'ooh, she looks like good dinner.' I start running again. I look behind me and the wolf isn't behind me this time. I look back in front of me and whoa!! how did he get there so fast? He tackles me and snarls in my face. He is drooling all over is soooooo gross. I push him off and run again........but i wasn't fast enough. I fall and he is on my face again.......this time he bites...........and i feel something change inside me..........what happened? After he bit me, he walked off into the woods.....i guess looking for his next victim, but it wasn't gonna be me because he already got me. I went to the house and my stuff was still there so i grabbed my stuff and went somewhere else. I kept thinking about what happened. What if that bite changed me? Like, what exactly did it do to me? Did it poison me, did it almost kill me, what? I want answers and i want them NOW!!!!! So what would my friends think if i changed into anything? Would they think im a freak? I don't want that to happen........i don't want anything to happen to me. I walked to another house, and i knew it was abandoned. I go in there and it was soooooo gross. Bugs everywhere. I thought i was gonna puke. Suddenly, out of nowhere, i fall to the ground. I have fur all over me. I have a tail and ears and claws and everything. Did i transform? I start walking through the house and i had 2 more legs.........i was a full wolf by now. Can i transform back to human? Maybe it is permanent, maybe it is temporary. Who knows how long this will last? 

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