The wolf

This is about a girl and there is a wolf and................i don't want to finish this because it will give too much info. JUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!!! muah hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!


1. The chase

I'm in the woods and im all alone.....or so i thought. I hear footsteps behind me.....what is it?? I turn around and it is a wolf. I start running and it is chasing me. Im breathing heavy thinking to myself 'Am i gonna survive?' The wolf is still chasing me and i stop for a little break and he caught up really quick....what's gonna happen to me? I start sprinting and the wolf is running faster. I run into a tree and fall down. "OW!" I yell. The wolf heard me and followed the echo. The wolf almost tackled me, but i was too fast. I kept running and i ran into town. At the edge of the woods, the wolf stopped chasing me. I was relieved. But why did it stop chasing me? Was it afraid to come into town? Did it not like people? What was its problem? Either way, i was still happy. I accidently bumped into someone and fell down. He helped me up and i just walked away. I went to an abandoned house and i stayed there for the night. I got up in the morning and went to the store to get some food because i haven't eaten in forever it feels like. I go back to the abandoned house and there was a car there. Oh, shit. I put my stuff in one of the rooms. Will they notice it? Will they take it to the police? What will they do? Will they keep it? Will they sell all of my stuff that i had? Well, it doesn't really matter because i didn't have that much stuff with me.

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