The wolf

This is about a girl and there is a wolf and................i don't want to finish this because it will give too much info. JUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!!! muah hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!


3. Changes.......back & forth

So now that im a wolf, there are a lot of things i can do. I can walk on all fours, i can hunt for prey, i can blend in with something white if i need to, etc. I can chase cats which will be fun as hell. I walk to the woods and look for food. I keep walking around and i see something finally. It looks like a deer? Im not sure what it is.....i can't quite make it out because it is dark out here. I hide behind a rock so it doesn't see me and run away. I leap out and bite in its neck. It's dead now, there is nothing it can do. I eat it all up and spit out the bones. Ugh! bones.....nasty. I start walking again looking for a place to sleep. Then, i feel something weird happening to my body. I lose the tail and ears and claws......i lose the fur, and i lose the extra 2 legs. Im a............human again, but how? I didn't even do anything to induce changing back. Is this part of the transformation? If it is, then that is good, but i have to figure out how to control it. Oh, no. I just changed back into a wolf. This is an amazing power and i want to know how to use it. I walk to town again to go back to that abandoned house so i could sleep there. I keep falling on all fours, then im changing back into just 2 legs. It's so weird........i was just human the other day, and now im a wolf? What the hell is going on with me? I like being a wolf, but then again, i don't like it because i change unexpectedly. It gets dark and i head to the house. I make a bed because i am not sleeping in their nasty-ass beds they have here. There are bugs everywhere. I went to sleep pretty quick. The next morning was stupid.......someone came in and saw me laying on the floor. They shooed me out of the house and told me to never come back. I was in wolf form. All day i didn't change to human..........weird. I guess im wolf forever..........i don't care if i was a wolf or not. But i guess i am stuck with a wolf body.

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