Our Place

We met at our place. It was the only place we could be our self's. So what would happen if someone found out?


3. Three


"You two should so go out he likes you so much."

"No It wouldn't work I may like him but we are best friends it would ruin our relationship."

Dawn and I have been having this conversation for an hour now Micheal is at football just now so we decided to hang out.

"Come on just ask him if he would ever go out with you but you don't have to ask him to go on a date."

"No he would get suspicious anyway he would say no. But whats the deal with you and Ashton hows things going?"

Dawn and Ash had been dating for half a year now and because of this Dawn wants me to get a boyfriend.

"Its been ok I guess..."

"Whats wrong? What has he done now?"

"He's started to become less interested in me and Maddie said he had been flirting with other girls. I don't know what to do I mean what if he breaks up with me I don't know how I would deal with that. Have any ideas?"

"Well considering I've only had only boyfriend and it lasted a week I don't really know. My best guess would be talk to him but think about what your going to say you don't want him to think you can't trust him."

"But at this point I can't."

I didn't really know what to say to this she really does love him and she wants to be with him. It just makes me think of Micheal he's my best friend and I never want to lose him it's just... What if he doesn't like me the way I like him? I mean I could ask him but what if he takes it the wrong way and doesn't want us to be friends any more? What if...

"Faith hello earth to Faith?"

"Hu what did you say?"

"Micheal's downstairs I think he's staying for dinner so i'll be away."

"Ok thanks I'll see you tomorrow remember what I told you as well."

" Ye I will same for you."

"Ye." I whispered I got up and started walking downstairs I saw my mum cooking dinner and Micheal siting with Luke on the XBox I sat down next to them and we made small talk until dinner was ready we had Lasagna my favorite. After we finished eating Micheal went home and I went up to my room I sat on my bad thinking about Micheal and me until I drifted off to sleep.



Sorry guys that chapter was pretty bad but it was just a filler I'll try and post a more eventful chapter tomorrow ok thanks for reading.

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