"IVY!" I heard him yelled
"What!?!" I scream.
"You can't just walk away." He said sadly.
"And why not Eli? Huh?"I said.
"Because I love you!" he yelled.
"W.. what" I said looking at him.
"I love you Ivy.." He said as he walked up to me. "I'm not letting you go to where ever you're going. He whispers softly as he grab my face and lefting it up to his "please..." He begged as he presses his lips softly against mine. "Don't go.."
"Goodbye Eli" I mumbled against his lips and turn around climbing on the plane
"Ivy!! Please!" He scream before the doors closed behind me.


11. Chapter 8

"I know Ivy it just hurts so much" she said and started crying. I hugged her tightly and kept mumbling I know until we heard a knock at the door

I walked over there to revile......

The police......

Haha I'm jk

"Mikey!" I yelled as I hugged him tightly. "Hey Ivy I miss you too" he laughed as he hugged me.

"I miss you too Mikey so much has happened since you left" I said as I backed away

"Really... Where is Alexandria" he said looking around the room

"She just went into the kitchen she hasn't been doing good bro..." I said and looked down

"What do you mean???" Mikey said confused, so I told him what all happen after he left. He looked down at the floor and shooked his head.

"This is my fault" he said and wiped his tears away.

"No its not Mikey, you couldn't stop the move.... I got a idea... But you have to go home and get ready dress into something nice.. it's only 4:30 so that gives me enough time to get her ready. Pack food and candles get roses to the white kind. Oh don't forget to the mat okay..." I said as he started for the door.

"Anything else???ma'am??" He said and grinned as I gave him my famous evil go to hell glare. He came up to me and hug me tightly.

"I miss that glare so much" he mumbled and let go. I rolled my eyes and pushed him out the door.

"I'll call Elijah and tell him to help you set up. Oh get lights, so you know where that water fall is at in the woods?" I asked.

"Yea??" He said and kept walking

"Thats were it's going to be set up at. Put the lights on the trees and get like 10 dozen white rose and put them on the ground but make sure you keep at least 2 dozens for her." I said as he started down the side walk

"I know Ivy!" He said and started laughing.

"Oh!" I started but he interrupted me.

"What! Do. Do you want to tell me to get purple wine and get limons!" He said more like yelled.

"Thats not a bad idea.... But all I was going to say is I miss you so much Mikey..... Text me when y'all are done setting up and I'll get her ready!!!" I said texting Elijah to go to Mikey's house I ran back inside and slammed the door then ran into the kitchen and looked at Alexandria

"Come on! We are going shopping!!" I yelled, she jumped and spilled the Dr. Pepper and glared at me.

"Why!!" She yelled as she put the glass on the counter.

"Because!!!" I yelled and grabbed her hand and dragged her out the house, I pushed her into the passenger side sent and ran to the other side and hopped in. I started the car and pulled out of the drive way and headed to the mall where all girls dreams come true.

"Why are we going to the fucking mall!" Alexandria yelled and glared at me. I giggled and shrugged my shoulders.

"Want to spend time with you that's all we never do after Mikey left, so why not" I said and pulled into the parking lot.

"But that doesn't mean you can basically kid nap me!" She yelled.

"Honey it's not kidnapping if your willing" I said and winked

"I wasn't!!!" She groan and got out of the car. I laughed and did the same and walked around her side. 

"Youll thank me before this night is over with sweetiepie" I said and dragged her into the mall.

Mikeys P.O.V

2 hours later

"Bro calm down okay" Elijah said and laughed.

"It's 7:00 Elijah! I can't! I have barely time to get this shit done!" I said and started throwing lights into the trees.

"Bro seriously we'll get this done around 7:30 maybe 8:00. That's if your not a slow ass on getting ready." He said and grin

"Fuck you man" I said and plugged the lights up. "Perfect" I mumble and smile to myself.

"No thinks man I got a girlfriend" Elijah said and I look at him.

"When the hell did you get a girlfriend?!?? Oh my gosh is it Ivy I knew y'all would start dating." I said and grab the roses and spread them out onto the ground

"What the fuck are you talking about bro Ivy would never see me in that way I'm nothing but a nerd and she is popular." Elijah said and I laughed and shook my head. He knows nothing I thought and set everything up.

"Okay you stay her it's 7:30 now I need to go home and get ready" I said and walked away.

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