"IVY!" I heard him yelled
"What!?!" I scream.
"You can't just walk away." He said sadly.
"And why not Eli? Huh?"I said.
"Because I love you!" he yelled.
"W.. what" I said looking at him.
"I love you Ivy.." He said as he walked up to me. "I'm not letting you go to where ever you're going. He whispers softly as he grab my face and lefting it up to his "please..." He begged as he presses his lips softly against mine. "Don't go.."
"Goodbye Eli" I mumbled against his lips and turn around climbing on the plane
"Ivy!! Please!" He scream before the doors closed behind me.


10. Chapter 7

??? P.O.V

"That stupid bitch! She will pay for what she did!" I scream as I punch the wall.

"Baby don't worry about her. Ivy will get hers soon." I heard someone say, I turn around to see Amanda leaning against the wall.

"I don't care! She will pay! I hate her.. and I will get revenge starting with her friends and her little crush" I said

"Whatever" Amanda said and walked away

(Time skip to 9 months! Because. To lazy to write!)

Ivy's P.O.V

It's been 9 months seems me and Elijah has been friends, 9 months since he has been tutoring me, 9 months since my feelings for him grew stronger, 9 months since he gotten a girlfriend, 9 months since I started cutting again, 9 months since my best friend Mikey moved, and 9 months since my best friends Alexandria and Mikey confessed their feelings for each other, a lot has happen in 9 months.

"Ivy.. come on let's go.." Alexandria said and walked away. Ever since Mikey had move she has been depressed lately, me and Elijah tried to cheer her up but nothing worrk

"Alexandria.. please be happy please! I miss my old best friend that laughed when I kicked Elijah in the dick and he thought I broke it" I said as she looked at me.

"That was funny" she said and chuckled. I smiled and hugged her tightly as she started crying.

"He will come back, you heard him. He loves you Alex"  I said

Flashback to 1 week before the move

"Guys I got to talk to y'all about something" Mikey said sitting down on the couch.

"Whats up?" I asked kinda confuse

"I'm moving to New York City" he said as he looked down at the ground.

"When??" Alexandria said.

"Saturday" he said as he got up

"Why?" I asked.

"My mom got a better job there said we need to start over because of what happen to her and my dad" he said as he clenched his fist. " I hate him.. I hate her. I feel in love with a girl and this is what she is going to do to me! I hate her, she doesn't know what is best for me I am 18 fucking years old!" He yelled as he clenched his fist harder

"Go punch my wall I know you want to" I said as he walked to the wall and punched it hard leaving a hole. I looked at Alexandria who was crying her eyes out.

"So who do you love?" I asked

"I'll tell her before I move" he said and walks out the door

Moving day

"Alex come on we have to say goodbye to Mikey!" I said as I tried not to cry, she walks down the stairs and walks out the door ignoring me completely. I walked out behide her closing and locking the door, we started walking down the street because his house is only a block over. When we finally got to his house there was a moving truck there, we spotted Mikey sitting on the hood of the car playing with his fingers. I called his name and he looked up at us. We waved and he hope down and walking over to us like something was on his mind. He walked up to Alexandria and smashed his lips to hers she was a shorter then him so he had to bend down. I looked at them in shocked as they pulled away.

"Alexandria Faith White I love you, I have ever since the day I first met you in the 5th grade when you beat the fuck out of that kid for hitting me. I love your smile, your laugh, I love the was when you get mad you puff out your cheeks like a adorable chipmunk, I love the way you sing and not care what other people thinks of you. I should of told you before but I wasnt sure if you even feel the same way, but to be honest I don't care if I have to wait over a year or over a billion years to be with you I just want you to know that no matter what you have my heart and I don't ever want it back." He said as me and Alex started tearing up

"I love you too Mikey I always have and I always will your my Mikey Mouse" she said and kissed him again.

"And I will forever be your Mikey Mouse as long as you will always be my chipmunk" he said as she nodded her head. He kissed her again as he heard his name being called.

"I have to go baby, I love you forever and always until the day I take my last breath" he said and kissed her again then turn to me and hugged me tightly. I couldn't hold it back anymore, I bust into tears as he let go and walked to the car and got in. He waved goodbye as he pulled away, me and Alex hugged each other as we cried.

End of flashback

"I know Ivy it just hurts so much" she said and started crying. I hugged her tightly and kept mumbling I know until we heard a knock at the door

I walked over there to revile......

(A/N cliff hanger! I know ain't I just a ass haha ^=^ hope y'all are liking it so far! Please comment and vote to continue!)

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