"IVY!" I heard him yelled
"What!?!" I scream.
"You can't just walk away." He said sadly.
"And why not Eli? Huh?"I said.
"Because I love you!" he yelled.
"W.. what" I said looking at him.
"I love you Ivy.." He said as he walked up to me. "I'm not letting you go to where ever you're going. He whispers softly as he grab my face and lefting it up to his "please..." He begged as he presses his lips softly against mine. "Don't go.."
"Goodbye Eli" I mumbled against his lips and turn around climbing on the plane
"Ivy!! Please!" He scream before the doors closed behind me.


9. Chapter 6

"Ivy! Hurry your ass up! You're slower then my grandma and she isn't even here anymore" I heard someone say as I threw on my black vans.

"well! Maybe if someone didn't put my fucking shoes in chilly! Maybe I wouldnt be so fucking slow! That shit isn't coming out of my beautiful now ruined white vans" I yell back.

"I'm sorry Ivy! Alex dared me to do it! And you didn't have to stab me with a fork you know! OMG WHAT IF IT GETS INFLECTED! I'M GOING TO HAVE TO GET MY ARM CUT OFF! HOW WILL I SUPPOSED TO CLEAN, COOK, MASTERMATE! OMG I HAVE NEEDS TO, ALL GUYS NEED TO MASTERBATE AND HERE'S  IVY RUNNING AFTER PEOPLE WITH FORKS AN....." He kept blabering about as I laughed until I heard a smack and then more yelling.

Flash back

"Alrighty then! Who's up for pizza" Mikey asked "anyone? anyone? Chinese works to." He said and we laughed and nodded.

I ran upstairs to go get my charger when I heard yelling down stairs. I ran back down to hear 'she is going to kill you Mikey' or 'I didn't think you would actually do it' I turn the corner to see chilly everywhere..

"What the fuck happen! I was gone 30 seconds 30! And I come back with chilly everywhere and... What the fuck is under the chilly.." I said pointing to the object

"Okay Ivy don't freak out but those objects is your vans" Mikey said, I looked up at him with a I'm going to fucking rip you're damn head off

"What do you mean... My vans Mikey" I said walking toward the siken as he backed away, very far away and stood behide Alex. In the corner of my eyes I see Elijah laughing.

"The... White ones"  He said, I grabbed a fork and looked at him and yelled I'm going to fucking kill you and ran after him. "Those were my favorite shoes! I got those sighed by 5 of my favorite bands!" I yelled as I threw the fork hard at him and it stabbed him on his arm. He started bleeding and whining about how it hurts. I mumbled good and walked away retrieving my now ruin shoes. I went to the bathroom to try to clean them off. After 15 minutes of scrobbing I finally got the chilly off but it's stain red I groan and got up and went to my room.

End of flashback

I got up from my bed and walked down stairs I glared at Mikey and mumbles I hate you sometime. He smiled big and I rolled my eyes trying not to laugh.

"Let's go! I'm hungry" Alex yelled and grabbed Mikey and my hand as I grab onto Elijahs hand. We were pulled to Alex's car and we all got in. She started her car and pulled out my drive way.

Skip car ride

We finally got to Q and Y house (btw which is the best Chinese restaurant ever.. well where I am at) and we got out the car. We walked into the restaurant.

"Hello welcome to Q and Y house would you like a table" the lady ask

"No we came here to eat on the floor, floor for 4 please" Alexandria said with a attitude.

"Alexander! Shut up. I'm so sorry about her 4 please" I said as the lady nodded and walked away signalling up to follow her "how can you be so rude Alex" I yelled whisper as we sat down at our sits. "Well I'm tired of going to a restaurant and them asking would you like a table no bitch I want to eat on the damn floor" she said back I looked at the guys and they look like their holding their breaths. I rolled my eyes and looked at Alex "your weird" I said as the lady came back

"What would y'all like to drink" the lady ask

"Dr. Pepper" I said

"Same" Alex said

"Make that three" Mikey said

"Make that four" Elijah said

She nodded and left as we got up and got our food

Skip restaurant

"Omg! I can't believe you did that! Ivy you literally kicked him in his balls" Mikey said as Alex was on the ground laughing her ass off.

"He came up behide me. I'm sorry Elijah! I didn't mean to" I said as I was kneeling beside Elijah.

" it's cool..I think you broke my dick though" he said groaning and rolling around. I looked over at Alex who was on the ground laughing her ass off

"Yall are horrible! Quit laughing" I yelled at them

"Says the one that side kicked him in his dick you heard him he said he thinks you broke it that poor boy is going to pee blood for weeks maybe even fuck weird" Mikey said as Alex was still on the ground laughing.

"Fuck you man" Elijah said.

"Nah man I'm good, you can keep your broken ass dick" Mikey said.

I rolled my eyes and helped him up. He groans loudly and said so many cuss words that I didn't even know exist.

"Come on, let's go home and you can put ice on that" I said and helped him in the car. Alex finally got off the ground and got in the car. She started it up and pulled out the parking lot.

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