"IVY!" I heard him yelled
"What!?!" I scream.
"You can't just walk away." He said sadly.
"And why not Eli? Huh?"I said.
"Because I love you!" he yelled.
"W.. what" I said looking at him.
"I love you Ivy.." He said as he walked up to me. "I'm not letting you go to where ever you're going. He whispers softly as he grab my face and lefting it up to his "please..." He begged as he presses his lips softly against mine. "Don't go.."
"Goodbye Eli" I mumbled against his lips and turn around climbing on the plane
"Ivy!! Please!" He scream before the doors closed behind me.


5. Chapter 3

"Are you fucking kidding me!" Elijah said as he was holding his stomach laughing his ass off.

"I am being dead serious! Alexandria looked the girl dead in the eyes and told her that if she doesn't go brush her teeth she was going to stab her with a spoon because her breath smells like a bag of smashed assholes" I said as the waiter from Starbucks came and gave us are drinks.

"What did the girl do" he said while taking a sip of his drink.

"Oh you know how whores are she stumped her 1000000" high heels and spund around and left." I said and giggled

"Thats funny as hell" he said. I nodded in agreement and kept giggling until I heard the bell from the door ringed I turn around to see Cody.

"Fuck" I mumbled as I turn around praying he didn't see me.

" Ivy??? Is that you?" I heard someone say and knew it was him.

"Thanks a lot god I pray to you and you take a big shit on me" I said and turn around and looked at him. "Heyyyy" I said acting happy but really wanting to threw a stool at him.

"What the fuck are you doing with his emo freak of a nerd!" he said as he pointed at him.

"What the fuck does it look like I'm doing Cody having a nice conversation with a nice guy and! Drinking amazing drinks!" I said and turn back around mumbling to Elijah that we should go.

"Well your not anymore. Your coming with me" He said and grabbed my arm but I winch in pain because of how hard he was grabbing.

"Get off of me Cody!" I yelled as I kicked him somewhere were the shine doesn't shine. He groan and fell on the ground holding his you know what.

"I dont  know why your holding your dick you have non. Oh by the way if you ever touch me again I swear it will be the last time you will because we are over!" I said and grabbed Elijahs hand and walked out the shop.

"Sorry about that" I said and looked down

"Hey! It's okay really and thank you for taking up for me instead of agreeing with him like everyone else" he said

"I would never do that.. I'm not fake like everyone else at that school except for Alex and Mikey." I said and smiled "well here we are" I said and walked up my drive way. I walked up to my door and unlocked it turning around to see Elijahs mouth open.

"Come on dreamer boy we got tutoring to do!" I yelled and giggled as he ran up to my door.

"Take your shoes off right there please" I said and pointed to the door. He did want I said and walked up beside me.

"Wow... Your fucking rich! Where is your mom and dad at??" He said and insistly I looked down

"Away for a while" I mumbled and threw my back pack on the floor and walking to my kitchen.

"Want anything food? Drink?" I asked him. He looked at me and nodded and mumbled Dr. Pepper.

"So.. where do you want to start?" He said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Living room is fine" I said and smiled

"Then let's get to tutoring! For SPARTA!" He screamed and ran to the living room. I busted out laughing yelling don't spill your drink 5 seconds later I heard a Opps and I laughed again yelling Elijahs name. I walked to the living room and saw Dr. Pepper on the floor.

"I can explain!" He said " I saw a spider and I named it squishy..but squishy ran away" he said and pouted. I giggled and rolled my eyes and mumbles whatever. I grabbed a towel and threw it over the spot where he dropped it at.

"So studying!" I said

"Wait your not angry" he asked confused.

"You should meet Alex and Mikey you'll be surprised about how many times they made a mess" I said and chuckled.

"Right" he said and sat down. I sat down beside him as he got his stuff out.

75000 years later 
(I'm jk)
5 hours later

I looked over and saw that Elijah is asleep. I smiled and grabbed a blanket and covered him up I turn of the light and walk to my room. I got undress and walked to the dresser and got out some jogging pants and tank top. I crawled in my bed and let sleep take over me.

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Mikey at the top

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