Baby, Tell Me Something I Don't Know...

Selena Gomez is an average 17 year old at high school. Before Justin became a star, Selena and Justin were soulmates and they shared an in separable bond with each other. They always promised each other they would stay best friends for ever but they both grew up, things change and people change.
After Selena's 12th birthday party, everything changed between them. He chose Ariana over Selena and rose to fame, soon forgetting about everything they had.
5 and a half years later Justin mysteriously starts attending Selena's high school wanting her back but Selena knows there's more than what meets the eye.


4. Chapter 4

*Selena's POV*


My boyfriend David Henrie, isn't too happy about Justin being back. David has a problem with Justin, I don't know why but he does and he won't tell me. David doesn't go to my school but he drops in occasionally but now that Justin is here that isn't always a good idea for example now, Justin and I were mucking around and out of nowhere David pops up getting into an argument with Justin.

"I wasn't born yesterday Bieber, I know why you're here" David spat and shoved Justin.

"Would you like me to tell Selena or are you going to stay away from her so I don't have to teach you a lesson right now?" David asked but I pulled them apart. 

"Stop it, you're both acting like 3 year olds, I'll talk to you later David" I said and I kissed his cheek.

"I have no idea what he was talking about" Justin said once he had gone, putting his hands up.

"You should seriously leave me alone, you're going to get hurt" I said and Justin laughed.

"Baby girl, who am I?” Justin asked me and I rolled my eyes.

Don't call me that" I said and he raised an eyebrow at me

"Who am I?” he asked again and I sighed, "A jerk" I chuckled and I know he knows that was a good one. 

"Selena say it, say it"  Justin demanded.

 "You can't make me" I narrowed my eyes at him and folded my arms.

 "You wanna make a bet?" He asked picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder.

“Okay, okay, okay" I laughed, "You are JUSTIN BIEBER, who is the kindest, handsomest, most talented, amazing and swag guy I have ever met" I admitted, some of those adjectives could go.

"That's good enough for now but have my thesaurus," He said passing me a thesaurus, "You're going to need it."

He winked at me and walked off but what I want to know is why he even has a thesaurus, it's the 21st century for Gods sake. 
In the past week and a half, I have never felt like that with Justin. It has been 5 and a half years since I laughed with him like that and wanted it to last for a while longer. That was the real Justin: fun but at the same time a little egotistical (in a good way) and just good old Justin being his cheeky self with that smile - O M G - and no I haven't forgiven him yet, he still has work to do.


*Justin POV*


I waited for my manager, Scooter Braun, to call to give me some updates and keep me on the right track. I make sure I am always completely alone so NONE and I mean none of this can spread rumors, its the last thing I need. My mind started wondering off to Selena and that moment at the lockers the other day, it felt so...real, not like being with Ariana, I wish I could tell Selena so many things but I can't and its killing me. My phone rang, making me jump and loose my train of thought.

"Long time no see, my friend" Scooter's voice echoed around the room.

"Yeah I'm missing you man, what have you got for me?” 

"Okay, listen I don't have much time to talk cause I've got a ton of work but I got an update from the magazine company with the story threatening to spread it if you don't have it complete in another month and a bit" Scooter said which made me a little nervous. 

"Yeah okay, I'm doing my best" I sighed scratching my head. "Why can't she be like other girls, I would've had this done ages ago!" 

"It's called: women, I'll keep calling you soon okay?”He asked but I wasn't done just yet.

"Wait I have uh" I paused, " I've got a question Scooter, what if, you know...I end up falling for her and I can't help it?" I asked and my heart started racing. 

"Justin, can't fall in love with her. Stay focused on the task, do your job and then get out of there and  you'll never have to think, see or hear from her again" he said.

I sighed, "Yep, okay, talk soon, thanks Scooter" I said and threw my phone on the ground and put my head in my hands, why can't anyone understand, I am so sick of doing this. 

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