Baby, Tell Me Something I Don't Know...

Selena Gomez is an average 17 year old at high school. Before Justin became a star, Selena and Justin were soulmates and they shared an in separable bond with each other. They always promised each other they would stay best friends for ever but they both grew up, things change and people change.
After Selena's 12th birthday party, everything changed between them. He chose Ariana over Selena and rose to fame, soon forgetting about everything they had.
5 and a half years later Justin mysteriously starts attending Selena's high school wanting her back but Selena knows there's more than what meets the eye.


2. Chapter 2

I rushed to class, trying shake that cocky smirk out of my mind…but for some reason it just stuck like glue. I just really, really hope Justin stays away from me, I don’t need that kind of distraction right now. 
But guess who walks into every class I have…yeah…Justin Bieber.

“Selenaaaa” Justin complained for the 5th time in the past 10 minutes, nudging my arm.

“I told you I don’t care what you have to say, leave me alone” I said trying to not focus on how many pens he’d thrown at me already.

“Is it too late now to say sorry?” He asked, laughing at himself.

“Yeah, like 5 and a half years late, why are you even here Justin?” I asked him watching him play the drum with his pen.
“My uh manager wanted me to," he paused, "to finish school so here I am…unfortunately” he shrugged, “but...mostly to annoy you” he added, winking at me and I just rolled my eyes. 

"So tell me, I'm sure your boyfriend already knows I'm back in town?" Justin smirked. 
"He doesn't go to this school and do you even know who my boyfriend is?” 
Yeah, is that Henrie jerk" 
It's David Henrie FYI and no need to be so jealous" I said patting his hand. 

"Okay don't say I didn't warn you Selena, he's trouble" Justin whispered throwing another pen at me. I slammed the pen down on the table.

"OH MY GOD JUSTIN, one more time you throw a pen at me I swear I will get this pen and sh-" I stopped talking because I realized that the whole class was staring at me, but what I was about to say probably wasn't the right choice of words to say too loudly that the teacher could hear. 

Justin laughed so hard so I took the 12 pens that were scattered on the desk and put them in my pencil case, "Look, Justin, you may think that you are so superior than everyone else because you are 'Justin Bieber' but doesn't change the past and also doesn't mean that you get to hurl pens at me" I paused, noticing something "And wait...why do you have 15 blue pens in your pencil case anyway?” I asked going through his pencil case finding way too many pens than what a normal person should have.

"Did you like rob a pen store or something?!” I asked.

He chuckled, "No, I was an ambassador for this pen company a while back and they just sent me SO many pens like boxes and boxes" he said scratching his cheek.

"Uh huh of course you were, so...what do you do with "boxes and boxes" of pens, you just use them once and then...throw it out"? I asked actually finding this amusing.

"Definitely...never use the same pen twice" he said leaning back and putting his arms behind his head.

"Of course you don't, I forgot, you're Justin Bieber, oops my bad"! I said sarcastically.

"Sorry, it's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am" he said winking and giving me one of those looks again.

"Real smooth Justin, real smooth" I said silently praying that I wouldn't have to put up with his cocky and smart-ass attitude for the rest of the year. I hate how he's so frustrating but yet his smile is so...contagious- wait no, no, no it's not I completely take that back...that was one of the reasons out of 101 reasons why Justin Bieber is so damn frustrating.



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