Baby, Tell Me Something I Don't Know...

Selena Gomez is an average 17 year old at high school. Before Justin became a star, Selena and Justin were soulmates and they shared an in separable bond with each other. They always promised each other they would stay best friends for ever but they both grew up, things change and people change.
After Selena's 12th birthday party, everything changed between them. He chose Ariana over Selena and rose to fame, soon forgetting about everything they had.
5 and a half years later Justin mysteriously starts attending Selena's high school wanting her back but Selena knows there's more than what meets the eye.


11. Chapter 11

*Selena's POV*


3 weeks later Justin and I still haven't talked. 3 more times he's tried talking to me about "something important" but the first time resulted in a detention for talking too much in class repeatedly, the second one he got swarmed by fans and I just left and the third time he was too sick to talk and looked like he was going to break down into tears or something but he's Justin Bieber I'm pretty sure he'll be fine not telling me this important information. 

"Justin, I told you, I don't care and I honestly don't want to think about this cause you don't seem to care and you know what I can't cry over someone who isn't crying over me" I said and ran his hand through his hair which hasn't been looking pretty good lately. 

"Selena, you don't understand, I am crying over you what part don't you get, I have been trying to tell you for that past 3 nearly 4 weeks!?" Justin said.

"Look Justin, we both know our lives were great before you came here and lied to me about everything and maybe this is a sign that we are not supposed to be friends so we should just forget about this and you should go back to living your luxurious life with, 10 cars and a trillion dollar house, hanging around billionaires and I'll go back to being the normal me" I said and Justin just walked off, maybe that was too harsh, but in all fairness he did deserve it, but I guess I kind of owe him my life.




Okay, maybe I was wrong about David...okay, okay I definitely was wrong about David, he's no Justin but he's him and we do crazy stuff together like we egg teachers cars and put icing sugar on the classroom fans, put honey on the outside of hand railings a whole bunch of other crazy stuff that could get us expelled if we aren't careful. We decided to put icing sugar on the ceiling fans after after school so we started in separate rooms to be quicker.


I got up on a table to put icing sugar on top of the blades of the fan. The table to be honest isn't stable at all, but I don't care, this is too fun to be worrying about falling off a table and having another near death experience.

"Selena what the hell are you doing ?!" I heard someone say and my heart felt as if it jumped out of my body. I nearly fell off the table but I didn't, "Why don't you walk in as Freddy Krueger next time, it'll scare me a little less" I said sarcastically. 

"Why have you been acting like this lately it cause you feel the need not to disappoint your trouble maker boyfriend ?" He asked sarcastically and I rolled my eyes, back at it again with the smart ass talk. 

"If you don't like it, you can leave there's the door, bye!" I said and he crossed his arms and the table wobbled under my weight.

"Selena, get down now the tables about to break" Justin said but I just continued.

"Thanks but no thanks" I said and moved around on the table but Justin was right, the table was about to break and it did. I half screamed and accidentally flung the icing sugar packet. I felt Justin catch me as the icing sugar showers us almost like snow. 

He was holding me in his arms and thank The Lord Jesus that he did catch me cause I have a feeling I would have made another trip to "heaven" as I once thought it to be. "

Miss Gomez and Mr Bieber Principal's office IMMEDIATELY !" Our science teacher shrieked obviously hearing my scream. The worst part out of all of this is in the back I saw David run past, hearing the teacher, leaving me guilty without my "partner in crime".




"Can someone please explain why you two are covered in icing sugar, at this hour, with a broken table ?!" The principle asked harshly. Justin seemed lost in thought, after all this had nothing to with him, he was just helping me.

"Um...Mr Jackson, this was all my-" I started and something seemed to click and Justin woke up from his daydream. 

"Mr Jackson, Selena had nothing to do with it, this was all my fault...I...I know I over stepped the line, Selena was merely trying to stop me and accidentally  got involved in this, I very, very sorry" Justin said while I sat here wondering what on earth this guy is saying and why he is even saying it. I nudge my shoe against is and at first I don't think he felt it but then I felt his hand brush over mine making me jump.

The principal sent me out since Justin took the blame but I waited for him. As soon as I saw those doors open again I jumped up faster than lightning.

"What- why- are you crazy ?!" I asked him and he shook the icing sugar off him.

"Calm down, that's twice now you owe me you're life" Justin said.

"Look Selena I tried to talk to you but you moved on," he said pointing to this situation, "So now I'm moving on seeing as though you don't want me here anymore I should just take your advice and live like I used to" Justin said.

"And...!?" I asked, “That has nothing to do with this!" I said.

"Selena, I'm leaving okay ?" Justin said and I stopped talking, moving, breathing.

"And you had to take the blame for that, what did that do?" I asked still not sure how I feel.

"Selena I'm getting expelled so that way I have a good reason to leave, you not wanting me around is not a fantastic reason but this just ices the cake, catch you round" he said and walked off. 

"Justin but...what about your big thing with the press and stuff ?" I asked running after him. "They can say what they want, I don't care anymore" Justin said.

"So...when are you leaving?" I asked quietly feeling like somehow this is all my fault.

"In 2 days, that's when the press deal ends" he said and walked off again leaving me standing there wondering why I feel like I want to cry again and hug him until he changes his mind about leaving. 

I know that I owe Justin big time, I have an idea that can potentially save the fall of Justin Bieber, I'm just hoping it won't backfire.

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