My life.

Me. You. And everything else.


1. Only when I feel inspired.

I'd like to say a few things, and I can do it here.

Be yourself, embrace yourself, but don't go over board with it.

They call you weird? Don't worry about it.

Find yourself wondering where your going in life? Take passion in what you want to accomplish and conquer your style.

Lacking encouragement and inspiration? Force the door open and rid yourself of those emotions, determination and stamina is all a man or woman should need for success.

Anyone can succeed. Just believe it.

Can you imagine a world that lacked dedication, indication, and foundation?

No you can't, because such a world would be in an absolute anarchy.

Today's world could best represent it, we dig ourselves into a gigantic sinkhole of drawbacks. Simply, because we choose to get stuck up on the "style" of the world or what is right or wrong.

Why can't we just mutually agree to disagree? At least cure the problems of the world with some respect and maturity.

I tell you this, religious and faithful or not, stick to your morals, the good ones, embellish them and evolve them into the great.

Look at the horizon, wake up, and help to be helped.

Authors Note: Guys, if you think I should continue this please say so, I do seek to help the world, to the best of my abilities, if someone disagrees, I'll take it down. Also, I haven't quit the Encountered series, I plan on writing chapter 4 very soon, I just haven't had the time lately. Thank you.

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