Don't leave me.......

Don't leave me in the form of moving, dying, etc.


3. Ending friendship

I don't want to end our friendship.

I love being your friend.

Can't we patch it up??

I want to keep talking to you and keep

hanging out with you because

that is awesome.




I would miss you terribly if we stopped being friends.

I don't want to not see you or hang out with you.

I thought that we would be friends forever.

But i guess forever is a long shot, huh??

I don't want to lose you, i want to keep you as a friend.




If you leave, i won't have anyone to talk to.

I won't have anyone to hang out with.

I won't have anyone to share secrets with.

I won't have anyone anymore.

I'll be lonely.

I don't want to be lonely.




I want to have you as a friend.

I want to keep sharing secrets with you.

I want to keep hanging out with you.

I just want you to stay here.

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