So often I see mumbles of people being downers on the site. I think it's time to cheer up~ :D


4. 5/03/16

Hey guys! Some awesome things have happened today, and I want to share them with you~



So, first off, I should tell you that I watch a lot of YouTube. As in, a LOT of YouTube. Seriously, I have an addiction to that website and I need serious help. Someone drag me outside, please.

But anyway, one of the people I watch have released a new T-Shirt that's only available for the next... five days, or something?

Anyway, in total it costs FIFTY BUCKS to get to me. FIFTY FREAKING DOLLARS FOR A T-SHIRT.



So Mum and I decided to improvise! :D Together we made our OWN T-shirt design BASED on the t-shirt the YouTuber has released! And it was so fun! Kinda frustrating, but fun!

So I guess the first part of this is: go and do something fun with your parents. My parents are two of my best friends (especially my motherduck) and I love doing things with them. Sitting down and watching TV with Mum, going on walks every night with Dad (I'M LOSING FAT YESSS - now THAT is motivation :D), and ESPECIALLY doing music with the two of them.

So, go and do something with your family. They'll make you smile and laugh, and they will ALWAYS care about you when you need help.


Talk to them. They'll always listen. Trust me.

I went through a rough patch a little while ago - it was like, Me: "La di da, life is good, everything is f- oh shit oh fuck oH NO LIFE WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET AWAY FROM ME" and it was a WHOLE ton of stress all at once. And I didn't talk to my parents about it because I knew they were busy - Mum with work, earning all the money we need to put food on the table, and Dad with his work and doing maintenance on the house and all and blah blah blah. But Mum noticed that I wasn't as happy as I used to be and she confronted me about it. So I told her everything, and now I'm starting to get better!

The three of us (I'm an only child, technically) picked up music again, and things are getting better now. Sure, we have our arguments and bad days, but that's life! DO SOMETHING, anything, with your family for a day and see how you feel.

Play a game of fucking Monopoly with them, watch a movie, SOMETHING. Give them a chance and they'll always make you smile :D


I understand that this isn't always the case for some special cases (eg. one of my friends and her family are now in foster care cause their parents are douchebags, please don't ask me what happened), but still. Even if you don't get along with them, please give them a chance. I did, and now everything is starting to get better.


Just say "Hey, can we watch a movie together tonight?" and see where it goes from there ^-^




This also has to do with YouTube. Yup, like I said, I have an addiction.



So, up there >^>^ somewhere is the "trailer" for this Movella, and I'm going to put a ridiculously hilarious video that I find in there every time I update a chapter, so you can all smile at the ridiculousness that is the YouTube videos I watch XD


Anyways, I hope this helped a little :D

And, my beautiful reader, have a super duper day!

*HP fully restored.


Today's video: 
Markiplier: Velocibox COMPLETE!!

(I find watching people play rage games hilarious, sorry XD I'll put up a challenge video tomorrow :3
they'll probably all be from Markiplier, he has a way of making people smile ^~^)


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