Warrior Cat Stories/Book 1. Nightmist

This is Book one of a series for Me and my friends Warriorcat WCOC. This book is the story of mine just to practice so hope ya'll enjoy!


6. (Not A Chapter)Character info

Misty/Savvy:a light tan skinny shecat with frosted under belly and white flecks from the fire and has white deer like spots that are shaped like a cresent moon with black outlining and black spots under her blue eye and green eye and is a skilled mimicker and runner. Fish:a Silver Tom with darker and lighter silver tabby markings with a white underbelly and white stripe going Frome nose to tailtip.Has bright blue eyes and is a skilled swimmer. Rose(Cat rogue): A dark colored calico with ember eyes and lean body.Pretends to be nice and tends to scare the kits.She thinks very highly of herself and is suspicious of kits disappearing from dens in the rogue camp. Rose(Fox):A sweet shy she fox with silver grey flecks on her muzzle and eartips and socks on her legs and has brown eyes with a rusty red fur.Is very kind and thoughtful. Ember:A bright red fox with white socks on legs and tailtip without cubs due to them being killed by a rougue and badger.She is a fair fox that has taken In Savvy due to her lack of mother Embers lack of cubs. Silver Spirit Fox:all is known is that she has given Savvy the ability to understand fox language. Scar:leader of the fox camp and has a dark red pelt with bold black markings and scars from an old battle of the badgers and another with the rogues. This chapter will be updated as more characters are added to the book.
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