Warrior Cat Stories/Book 1. Nightmist

This is Book one of a series for Me and my friends Warriorcat WCOC. This book is the story of mine just to practice so hope ya'll enjoy!


5. (Not a chapter!) Clan over view


OceanClan - lives right on the shoreline. Similar to RiverClan in that they love swimming and fish. Fur colors are somewhat unusual due to salt exposure.

CliffClan - Keeps camp on the cliffs. They're tough, strong, and excellent climbers. They don't like the other Clans much.

MoorClan - lives on the moor by the ocean. Similar to WindClan in that they are fast and skinny. They're known for being very friendly and welcoming.

PineClan - live in the small cluster of pine trees just past the Moor. Excellent tree climbers, known for being loyal and determined.

For the Gathering place, they could meet in a cove, and there could be a cave farther out that has a MoonPool for medicine cats.
(Above is thanks to AthousandMidnightStories)


rogue camp-A camp in thick forest with a river.Cats hear are taken in and raised to hate the clans and is made of loners,rogues,and stolen kits.

Fox Grounds-Live in hick underbrush with trees and a camp cleared out with many dug out tunnels and a stump in the middle.Fox’s hear usually don’t take kindly to cats and enjoy being a little different.

Badger Grounds-Badgers live in a stone clearing near the Fox Grounds and Sun Salt Lake with larger territory for unknown reasons and have a peace deal with the fox’s.Territory is full of different prey.

(Character briefing coming soon to this chapter)

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