Warrior Cat Stories/Book 1. Nightmist

This is Book one of a series for Me and my friends Warriorcat WCOC. This book is the story of mine just to practice so hope ya'll enjoy!


4. Decisions

Embers POV


I wake up to something nosing my cheek.I blink my eyes open to come into focus on a familiar red and grey flecked muzzle.I look around everyone already is asleep.When did I fall asleep?

“Wake up Em.”Rose whispered licking my face. Even though she is still in training she was still  very mature for her young age.

“What is it?”I whisper back quietly slowly sitting up trying not to wake up savvy resting deeply asleep.She stirred but went still again.I looked at Rose again.

“Scar wants to see you.”She said nervously looking at the kit.I nodded understandingly standing up.

“Thanks Rose i’m on my way.”I said working my way out of the den over the sleeping bodies to the leaders den Rose following swiftly behind.


Savvy’s POV


I watch through slitted eyes sneakily as the two left.I stood up my fur in spikes bounding slightly clumsily after in the shadows keeping my distance.Me and fish use to sneak up on Fly and Kune all the time when ever we had the chance.

Kune scares me still though….

I watch them disappear in between two boulders.I waited a few breaths after their tail tips disappeared before scampering after them.I peeked around the rough edge sticking close to the ground.

“You know why it can’t stay! She came from rogues and they are near the clans!You are lucky you both didn’t step on metal teeth.”Scar growled making my ears twitch.

“I understand but to get back under a day it was the quickest rout and I didn’t want to go through badger grounds.”Ember sighed tensely but sitting down respectfully.

Scar shook his head his good eye with a slight glint. “You do not understand she has  to be gone in two days at most.Leave her by the border.”He growled standing up roughly.

Embers eyes zoned out in thought for a moment before taking a deep breath. “One moon.One moon is all I ask.”She said opening her eyes calmly looking through Scars.

his paws scraped at the ground roughly at his eyes and mind argued.I fidgeted nervously if I leave in a moon I would be 5 moons and I didn’t want to be alone or unequal but I do want to be different but treated all the same.

“Fine,One moon.Before time is up I will let you know more.”He said snapping me from my thoughts to him bowing his head slightly and settling back down into his nest of dug out loos sand.

Ember perked up happily and quickly turned to go as I stumbled backwards running to the den.low growls and mutters were quickly replaced with snores as I let myself collapse were I was left and where I am sure I wasn’t supposed to know.I see a shadow cross over me and a light breeze of the familiar scent as I let my heavy eyelids close and was once again surrounded in warmth.Before I knew it I fell deeply asleep almost deeper then last time with more vivid dreams of the fire.



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