Bad boy cam

Cameron dallas is a bad boy who just wants sex but when he meets kayley he falls in love with her hard.

Kayley is the new girl and shes a good girl.

Will the opposites attract or will they become enemies����


1. moving day

Hi my names kylie and im 19 and i lived in the uk until today.

So today im moving to america i really didnt want to go because i have so many friends here and now im gonna have to leave them😭

I finish of packing and take all my stuff down the stairs and put it in the taxi.

Skip to airport

We had an hour till we got on our flight so i just walked round the airport for a while and went into starbucks and got a coffiee but when i turned around someone walked into me and made my coffiee spill all over my t-shirt "oh shit im really sorry i didnt see you their" said a boy i looked up and saw the most beautiful green eyes "its alright"i replied.

"Are you sure can i get you another coffee" he said "umm okay thanks im kylie by the way whats your name" i said

"Im danny and thats a very pretty name for a pretty girl" he said with a smile

"Aww thanks" i replied blushing. He got me another coffee.

"Well i really got to go i need to change this shirt its soaking but it was really nice meeting you danny i hope i see you again" i said while rushing out of starbucks.

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