the story is about a girl named lexi who always was happy. she got good grades she had many friends too. until she meets a transfer student at her school. jack. well at least thats what every body else says he is. she starts feeling weird around him. every thing around her stops, she can't help but feel that she needs him no matter what. but something happens, lexi changes… jack changes… and they are after them.


3. jack. her

 This part of the story is jacks point of view. have fun reading and enjoy!!!!!






  I see her standing there. Those beautiful green eyes staring back at me. I can only see her figure and eyes.I can see she's trying to get to me. Im about to get to her when, a blue glow starts to flow around her.I try to grab her but she already lifts up to the air. I try to call out to her but she disappears.

"WAKE UP!!!!!!" i find myself being choked to death by my 10 year old sister."Sidney get off me!!!!" i choke out. You are gonna be late to school!!!!! she yells. what do you mean its only- i look over to my alarm. 10:55 it flashes.

"DAMN IT!!!!" i get out of bed and get dressed. "I will be by the door when you are ready". sidney says. I quickly put on my shoes and were out the door. I watch sidney  wave good bye and walk to her school." don't forget to pick me up!" she hollers. " don't worry i will" i holler back. "If I'm not late"  i whisper to my self.

By the time i get to the school, the office is already starting." oh great way to make a good impression jack" i think to my self. As I'm walking threw the hall ways i notice that, this school has a lot of sports then my other one.

" huh,i haven't played basket in while maybe i will try it" i say to myself." wait no I'm getting off track" i think to my self. Im about to enter the classroom room when i resized that the teacher told me to wait outside and she will call me in…. "what if she forgot i was coming"? i thought.

Alright class we have a new transfer student here, jack please come in. I enter the room  and stop in front of the classroom. I see her. the beautiful green eyes staring wide at me.The short and brown hair touching her shoulders. that familiar shape that she has." Okay mr. jack please introduce yourself to the class says "mrs.pickle." I-Im jack, i transferred here from pine desert. "I hope we can all get along as friends" i say as I'm drifting my eyes away from her.

" who is she?" i think to my self. Alright jack please sit next to Lexi" she says while pointing to the girl with the green eyes. while I'm sitting next to her in class everything doesn't make sense. "why is she so familiar?" i think. All i know is one thing…. i have to to talk to this… Lexi.



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