Sometimes people are pushed past their breaking points. Sometimes they reach that climax of utter internal destruction, with no means of repairing. It's not hard to lose mental stability, especially when everyone is questioning you about it in the first place.

So before a calm, there has to be a storm.

Copyright 2016 UnBothered


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Justin's POV     I was now on my tour bus, my headphones on and music blaring. Scooter hadn't talked to me since the end of the meet and greet, personally I felt like he was overreacting. Rashan said to give him time or whatever. Almost as if I talked him up, Scooter walks into the room. I take off my headphones.    "Hey" I say quietly, hoping to avoid upsetting him any further. He simply sent a glare my way. I exhaled loudly.    "Scooter, I said I was sorry. Why won't you just accept my apology?" I asked exasperated. He rolled his eyes.    "Because your apology is shit" he replied. I stood up.    "Look, I get you're upset and you have every right to be. But I didn't have to apologize. I could've been a complete jerk about it" I said, growing slightly agitated. He stared at me and shook his head.    "See Justin, that's the thing. You're a spoiled brat who doesn't appreciate what he has. No improvement from your father" he muttered the last part. My eyes widened, and so did his when he realized what he had said.    "Justin, I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"    "Save it" I replied, disgust laced in my tone. I grabbed my gray hoodie and walked off the bus. It was dark out now and I could only make out a few roads, all leading in different directions. I decided to go left and just started walking. My one button he pushes it. I'm over Scooter, I'm over this life, I'm over being Justin Bieber.    -----    I have been walking for a few hours now, and no one has recognized me so far. In my defense, I did have a hoodie covering my head and my face was down. As I approached a corner, I was grabbed by the sleeves.    "Get off me!" I shouted, starting to swing at whoever grabbed me. I felt a kick to my stomach and fell to the ground. I looked up and saw two guys smirking at me.    "Wow, pretty boy Justin Bieber all by himself? Doesn't sound safe to me" one of them remarked. I was sick of guys thinking that I was some punk that couldn't handle himself. I jumped back up and had adrenaline pumping through me.    "That was your first mistake" I said as I punched one guy on the side of his face and elbowed the other in the nose. They both stumbled backwards. I kicked one of them in the side and he crashed to the floor. The other with the bloody nose held his hands up in surrender.    "Okay dude, chill out" he begged. I was breathing heavily and felt much better having gotten out my anger.    "You've got moves Bieber, I'll give you that" he continued.   "Why are you out by yourself anyway?" he asked. 

"None of your business'' I retaliated back. He gave a wicked smile and chuckled.

''Come on, no way in hell would your manager let you out by yourself so late at night. You snuck out?" he continued. I took a deep breath.

"Fine, you don't have tell us, let's go man" the guy helped his friend up and they started to walk away.   "I'm done with singing. I want to start a new life, sick of the bullshit" I replied. Though it seem strange that I'm having a conversation with two guys who were about to jump me, I can't help it. I need someone to talk to, anyone at this point.    "A new life?" he asked. I nodded my head. The two guys looked at one another.    "Why don't you come with us, we have an offer you might just like" the taller one said. Though my gut was telling me not to go, my feet were doing otherwise as I started to follow them. They led me through a couple alley ways and past a couple large buildings. The only words repeating in my head were stupid, stupid, stupid. Eventually we walked up to a deserted looking building. The windows were blocked up and the door had four broken locks. The shorter one knocked on the door and a large man opened it. The short man gave him a pat on the shoulder.   "How ya doin Bernie?" he smiled as the taller one walked in next and I followed.   "He's with us Bernie" the short one said. I kept an alert eye out for anything that could go down.   "Are you guys gonna tell me your names or...?" I trailed off, looking around. The tall one turned around.   "I'm Ace and he's Mack" he replied. Odd names, but I made no comment, just nodded in reply. As we continued to walk through the abandoned building, I noticed a few of the people lounging about. There were older men, some women around my age, and a ton of smoke Clouded the air.

"Okay, you are going to meet our boss, his name is Mr. Rae. We've been searching for a new member, and from the way you right - hooked my nose and elbowed his side, you have some serious potential. " Ace complimented me. He then opened the door and we were greeted by a large pit bull chained to the leg of a wooden table. He was foaming at the mouth. I then looked up and was met with two black eyes. The man had tattoos along his arms and neck. He gave a sinister smile, similar to that of Ace's.

"Who is this?" the man asks in a deep voice.

"Sir, we found some one that we think could fill Luke's spot. " Ace explained.

"Yeah, he's real quick" Mack added.

" What have I told you about speaking incorrectly? Have you been working with Zoe?" the man asked Mack. Mack put his head down in shame and nodded.

"Yeah, I have." Mack replied.

"Alright then, I won't have a stupid member of my crew. Let this be your last warning".

"Yes sir" Mack said. The man nodded and looked at me.

"What's your name ?"

"Justin" I replied. He stood up and walked over to me. He looked at my clothes, my shoes, my hair, and then he spoke again.

"Aren't you that popstar all the teenage girls love?" He asked. I simply nodded in reply.

"You guys sure he could handle being in the gang?" The man, whom I'm assuming to be Mr.Rae asked. They both nodded.

"And are you sure you can handle being in a gang? Killing people, stealing, raiding homes?" Rae asked. My eyes widened.

"No, I'm not gonna hurt innocent people" I replied. The three men looked at each other and started to laugh.

"Justin, we're the good guys. We kill the bad guys, everything we do is for the safety of others" Ace said to me. 

"Then why did you guys try to jump me?"

"We thought you were a member of our rival gang and when we saw it was you, we assumed you would just run away or something, not fight back. Obviously we were wrong" Mack said gesturing to the bloody nose and bruised side.

"But how would he be able to be a part of the gang? People would know that he's 'The Justin Bieber'" Ace pointed out.

"Easy, change his name, cut some of his hair, get him a few tattoos, change up his clothes and bam, no more Justin Bieber" Mack answered. That sounded everything but easy, to be honest. Rae looked at me again.

"He's going to need to pass the agility test before I just let him in though. So if you're interested Justin, you can stay with the boys tonight, and your training for the test will start tomorrow. But let me tell you this, once you're apart of the gang, you won't ever be able to leave". The three men looked at me as I pondered a decision. I really did want a change. I was tired of the way things were, and I doubt anyone would miss a "spoiled brat" like me anyway.

"I'll do it" I replied. Rae nodded and the boys clapped.

"Now there are a few things you should know about the gang. We will provide you with a car, a place to live, and other necessities you may need. We also need to know whom you want on your save list" Ace said, taking a seat at the table as Rae walked out.

"What is a save list?" I asked.

"Ya know, it's a list of people that you would want to save if ever there was an emergency. Need I remind you Justin that we are a gang and people aren't too fond of us, regardless of what we do. So we will give you a week to make your save list, and basically we will do absolutely everything in our power to make sure that those people are safe at all times" Mack replied. I nodded as they both stood back up.

"Ready to head to our place?" Ace asked. I took a deep breath as I realized just exactly what I was doing.

"Let's go" I said, and with that we got into their car and sped off. Letting two complete strangers take me to their home and joining a gang all in one night in the span of three hours? Insane.


We pulled up to a large, white mansion. They parked in front of the house and we all exited the car. Walking up to the door, I saw that there was a number pad, and a thumbprint detector instead of a lock. After Ace typed in the code and placed his thumb on the detector, the door opened. As we walked in, we were greeted by two running girls screaming their names. Ace and Mack embraced the girls in tight hugs and as they pulled away, they kissed. I'm assuming they were both in relationships with the females, either that or they're just really friendly. The girls looked over at me and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Kat, Ace's girlfriend" a tall blonde stuck out her hand and I shook it.

"And I'm Shay, Mack's girlfriend" a shorter brunette said.

"Ladies, this is Justin, the newest member of our gang" Mack introduced me. As I was about to speak, I was cut off by a woman descending the stairs, her hair oh so familiar. When she looked up my heart stopped and her eyes went wide.



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