Sometimes people are pushed past their breaking points. Sometimes they reach that climax of utter internal destruction, with no means of repairing. It's not hard to lose mental stability, especially when everyone is questioning you about it in the first place.

So before a calm, there has to be a storm.

Copyright 2016 UnBothered


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A/N: New story, hope you like it :)


Justin's POV

Do you know that feeling of being lightheaded? That feeling where you think you're gonna pass out? That's how I was feeling right now. Except, this was one hundred times worse. My vision was blurred, my head was pounding, and worst of all: I had no clue where I was. I strain my eyes to try and read the street sign, but all I can make out is a green rectangle.

"Fucking perfect" I muttered, sliding down against the cold alley wall. It was drizzling outside, slowly dampening my white shirt. There was an accompanying breeze, making the air crisp and chill. I tugged my phone out of my pocket and tried to unlock it. Only problem was, my vision was so badly impaired that performing even the simplest of tasks was proving to be daunting. I noticed a figure walking towards me. 

"Bieber?" the person said. I recognized the voice as Rashan, my bodyguard.

"Rashan, I fuck-ed up" I said whilst hiccuping. His face got closer to mine and he was squinting his eyes.

"How much did you have to drink?" he chuckled. I lowered my eyes as he grabbed my arm and helped me stand. I got to my feet and threw one arm around Rashan's shoulder to help keep my balance. 

"Let's get you back to the bus before Scooter sees you like this" he continued.


The sound of pounding rain awoke me from my sleep. I strained to open my eyes and looked around. I was on the tour bus and I was in my room. Glancing over at the clock next to me I saw that it was 8 in the morning.

"Justin, time to get up. You need to head out to the mall for the meet and greet" Scooter shouted through the door. I slowly slugged out of bed and threw on a random shirt with some jeans and converse. I opened my door and saw Scooter sitting with Rashan and looking at me.

"That's what you're wearing?" Scooter asked. I nodded.

"Not like they're gonna be looking at my clothes anyway". Scooter sent me a small glare as I walked over to the pantry to grab a quick granola bar. As I sat down and changed the TV, I heard my name being mentioned over the radio.

 Pop Star Justin Bieber was seen drunk outside of a local bar around 3 am this morning. Sources say that Bieber had hooked up with a female before passing out in a local alley way. More details to come soon. Without even glancing up, I could feel Scooter's intense stare.  

"When are you going to learn Justin?" he asked in a menacing low voice. I rolled my eyes and put my hands over my face.  

"It was a mistake Scooter, I'm sorry. I was just trying to have fun". He gave a dry chuckle, and that's when I knew he was really upset.  

"It's always a 'mistake' Justin, but newsflash, mistakes are only okay when you learn from them. So from now on I'm giving you a curfew. No arguing, no negotiating, I want you to go out there, do your meet and greet, and get right back on this bus. Want to act like a child? I'll treat you like one" and with that he stormed off into his room, but not before he made sure to slam the door way harder than need be. I stood up and walked off the bus into the mall, being escorted by security. I lowered my shades over my face as tears swelled up in my eyes.  

"He's just upset, he doesn't mean it" Rashan whispered to me. I gave a small nod and continued walking. I gave a small sniffle and wiped under my eyes and a couple guys that we passed by started laughing.  

"Is Mr. Justin Bieber crying? That's pure gold" they commented. I shook my head and exhaled. It was only 8:30 in the morning and already I feel like shit. I didn't mean to get drunk last night, but between the tour and the album and the sales, I was stressed out. I needed some form of release. As we walked into the main area of the mall, the screaming began. Girls of all ages and sizes started running toward me, shouting everything from "I love you Justin" to "Holy crap please have my children". Rashan handed me the earbuds that allowed me to cancel everybody out. I eventually made it to the table and people began to line up. I took out my earbuds, handed them to one of the other guards, grabbed a pen, and plastered on the fakest smile I could muster.  

"Alright, first person may go ahead" Rashan said to the line. So it begins.  


"Alright, last person may step up" Rashan said. A small girl in a wheelchair came up to me smiling, holding a poster of my Believe album. I smiled in return, stood up from my seat and gave her a huge hug. I honestly thought she was so adorable. Eventually she left and I took a sigh of relief that I had finished. That's when I heard Rashan arguing with someone.  

"Ma'am I'm sorry but Mr.Bieber is not taking any more fans" he said in a strict tone.  

"That's bullshit. I did not spend my entire paycheck for you to tell me he isn't available. Have him take a quick picture and sign this and we'll be on our way" the girl retorted. I peaked over Rashan's shoulder and saw a girl with tan skin and long brown hair. Next to her was a much younger girl holding her hand with tears in her eyes.  

"I need you to leave" Rashan continued.  

"No, wait" I said  aloud. Their attention snapped to me. I walked over to them and knelt down to the little girl. I wiped away her tears and smiled at her.  

"Now why is a pretty little girl like you crying?" I asked. She sniffed.  

"Because he said I couldn't get a picture with you" she replied. I looked up at Rashan and the girl next to him.  

"Do you have a camera on you?" I asked the older girl. She handed me her camera.  

"Okay, let's take that picture". The little girl squealed with excitement as we took numerous photos. I then signed her CD and stood up. Rashan was now conversing with the other guard as I handed back the camera.  

"Thanks for that, I owe you one" the older girl said, she had a subtle accent, like she was from an Island. It was then that I took in her entire appearance. Her green eyes, her full pink lips, and gosh, her smile.  

"N-no problem" I stuttered. She gave another quick smile and grabbed the little girl's hand. She turned and started to walk away in the other direction. The way she gripped the little girl's hand so tightly yet so loving, it was cute.  

"Hey, do I get a name?" I shouted to her. She turned around.  

"Zoe" she replied.  

"And do I get to see you again Zoe?"  

"Not likely" she said smiling. A pang of disappointment filled me as she walked out the mall. I slugged over to Rashan who took note of my down attitude.  

"JB, you know you could always look her up, right?" he said handing me her ticket which had her first and last name on it.  

"This is why you're my favorite."  


A/N: As the story progresses, you'll better understand the plot. Hope you guys liked it :) <3                                                                  






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