When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


31. Who is it then?

Chapter 30- who is it then?

[Leah and Asher sitting at lunchroom]

-“ok, so if it was not Nick, who is it then?” Asher asked Leah

-“how am I supposed to know” Leah asked

-“hey guys!” Joshua said sitting down

-“sup Josh!” Leah and Asher said

-“does anyone know from what animal these meat is made of?” Justin said sitting down

-“werewolf meat” Asher said joking around

Leah gets flashbacks of last night

-“oh, my God! Werewolf!” Leah screamed

-“umm…Leah, I’m pretty sure Asher was joking around” Justin said and paused and looked at the meat –“right?” Justin said looking at Asher

-“yeah, totally, Leah it was a joke” Asher said looking at Leah

Leah grabs Asher and gets up and take him away from Joshua and Justin.

-“it was a werewolf, Asher it was a werewolf I saw last night” Leah said

-“a werewolf? A werewolf in Nevada City?” Asher said

-“I’m telling you, I saw a werewolf” Leah says

-“are you sure?” Asher asked

-“Yes” Leah then looks around the cafeteria and sees Amanda in a close distance –“and I am about to make it legit” Leah says then walking towards Amanda

-“Leah?” Asher watches Leah madly walks past him

Leah walks up to Amanda.

-“Amanda!” Leah said

-“there is no need to scream you are literally right in front of me” Amanda says

-“cut the shit Amanda, I am serious” Leah said

-“as serious as the day in your room? Btw, did you throw out the ripped picture?” Amanda said with a smile

Leah leans with her hands on the table.

-“you know what you did to me” Leah said

-“Leah poor *chuckles slightly* poor Leah, you think the world revolves around you, but look around, you clearly revolve around the world” Amanda said

Leah grabs Amanda and slams her head on the table

-“you know what you did!” Leah said

-“you think just because your dad is the sheriff you are special or have priority, I’m sorry to say this Leah, but in this world…you are just another poor and pathetic soul like each and every one of us” Amanda said with her head pressed against the table

Leah gets as close as possible to Amanda’s face

-“*whispers*who’s the werewolf?” Leah asks

Amanda puts an astonished and confused expression


-“Leah, let her go…you are going to get in trouble” Asher said pulling Leah back

Leah lets her go. Amanda rubs her face and looks at Leah confused

-“did you say werewolf?” Amanda asked

Leah just walks away with Asher

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