When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


34. The taken

Chapter 33- The taken

[Asher and Amanda walking]

-“listen to me, I have nothing, absolutely anything to do with this werewolf!” Amanda says

-“and you want me to believe that because…?” Asher says

-“because I am promising you” Amanda said

-“oh, ok, yeah that is promising” Asher says

-“did you know I had a crush on you back in 8th grade?” Amanda said

-“*sighs* and that confession now? What did you win with it?” Asher asked

-“have you ever lied to Leah about anything serious?” Amanda asked

-“*thinks* I guess not” Asher said

-“exactly…” Amanda said then walking passed Asher

Asher stays thoughtful looking the opposite way

-“wait, does that mean…” Asher says turning around then gets his mouth covered by Amanda

-“shh” Amanda stays frozen

-“what?” Asher says with his mouth covered

-“did you hear that?” Amanda asked

-“heard what” Asher asked

-“it was a howl” Amanda said

-“I didn’t…”

-“shh, follow me” Amanda said

-“what? –I…ugh” Asher follows Amanda
-“how is it that no one saw it” Asher said

-“come one” Amanda says

-“wait what? You want to follow it? Are you crazy?” Asher said

-“you want to know who the werewolf is, don’t you? Come on” Amanda says

Asher complains silently and then follows

[Leah and Nickolas at the skating rink]

-“come on” Nickolas says

-“I am so going to fall” Leah says struggling to stay standing

-“you can do it, come one!” Nickolas said

-“I’m going to fall” Leah says

Leah falls on her head and everything goes white.

-“we meet again” Lullaby says

-“what do you want?” Leah asked

-“hey, I didn’t call you hear, you fell and apparently fell in a coma or something” Lullaby says

-“what?” Leah says confused

-“you just made it so much easier for me” Lullaby say

-“made what easier for you?” Leah asked worried

-“your body” the Lullaby says and disappears

Leah starts looking around

-“what the?” Leah says

Leah starts breathing heavily

-“hello? Please…anyone!” Leah says as her voice breaks up

[Leah wakes up]

-“Leah are you ok? You didn’t fall that hard” Nickolas says

-“yeah, nah, I’m- -I’m fine, really, but…I got to go to the bathroom, I should be right back” Leah starts walking to the bathroom and we see how slowly her eyes go red and smirks    

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