When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


8. The first case

Chapter 7- The first case

[Sunday morning]

Leah sitting in the living room watching television. She hears the keys, he looks back to see her dad walk in.

 -“well look who is back early, I was expecting you later on” Leah said smiling

-“had to come back early, there is a situation going on” Leah’s dad said

-“there is? I haven’t heard of anything” Leah says

-“it’s confidential” the dad said

-“confidential my ass, don’t we all live in Navada city county, shouldn’t we all be alert of what is going on?” Leah protested 

-“Leah believe me, if it was something important I would let you know, and you know that” the dad said

-“well, welcome back Sheriff” Leah said smiling

[After an hour we follow the dad to a crime scene on the side of the woods]

-“Glad to see you here Sheriff Waverly” says a detective shaking hands with Sheriff Waverly–“I am the detective P. Johnson homicide detective”

-“so what do we have?” the Sheriff asks to detective P. Johnson

-“it was a teen” says a homicide detective

-“don’t tell me that” the sheriff said disappointed

-“have one of your own?” the detective asks

-“yeah, a teenage girl” the sheriff said

-“well in this case we will be talking about a male, Carter Samuels” the detective explained as they go to the body

 -“What was it drunk? Drugs?” Sheriff asks

-“no, no, parents said he wasn’t a junkie, it was actually murdered” says the homicide

-“Jesus” the officer says disappointed

-"you want to know a funny fact sheriff Waverly? I have worked in homicide detective for 13 years now, not only visualizing the scenes mentally but also virtualizing it" the detective then takes off his glasses -"sheriff Waverly, I can't tell you what happened here" the detective said

-"*chuckles* I have been sheriff for 15 years now, I am pretty sure I can take any harsh or gory scene that you have pictured" sheriff said

-"no, sheriff you see that is the problem, I have nothing pictured" the detective said

-"does this mean we have to get another detective Mr. P. Johnson" Sheriff Waverly said

-"I have saved you the bother actually" the detective said point at two other detectives -"two of my personal favorites, and I am afraid they have the same news I gave you" the detective said

-"can you explain me why this case is so difficult? I just want to understand" sheriff said

Detective P. Johnson bends down to the corps of the teen

-"as you can see by simple view the cause of death of the victim was cervical fraction also known as"

-"broken neck if I am not mistaken" sheriff says

-"correct, so..." He stands up and starts walking the trajectory the body was coming from -"we found his footprints on the dirt as you can see them"

-"ok" sheriff said

-"no more footprints were found sheriff Waverly, as if no one was following him, but by the look of the distance of each left and right footprints, we can determine that the victim was running” the detective explained

-“but from what, if no other footprints were found, as if no one else was here” Sheriff said

-“exactly, and that's not the weird part yet" they walk towards the body again -"you see that" shows him two align footprints -"two aligned footprints, not the victims footprints, they are much smaller"

-"what is exactly the point detective P. Johnson" Sheriff asks getting desperate

-"sheriff Waverly it seems as if the accused appeared behind him and killed our victim and magically disappears again" detective P. Johnson explains

-“magically disappeared?” sheriff said not believing

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