When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


40. The fight (part II)

Chapter 39-the fight (part II)

[Garth and Lullaby fighting]

Garth throws a punch but Lullaby ducks and evades it then giving a roundhouse kick. Making Garth lose balance backwards. Lullaby rages a punch, sending Garth’s face left. Lullaby then rages a punch left but is stopped by Garth’s mouth that biting Lullaby’s arm  

[Asher and Amanda arriving to the sheriff’s office]

-“Nick?” Nickolas hears his name and turns around

-“Amanda and Asher? This party gets bigger and bigger”

-“you are the other spell caster” Amanda says

-“it’s a gift, it’s a curse, no…it’s magic” Nickolas says

-“you turned my brother into a werewolf” Asher says

Nickolas claps.

-“that will make an amazing heading” Nickolas said

-“you are blocking me from helping Leah, stop the curse, both of them” Amanda said

-“why should I?”

-“Amanda, Asher, both of you be careful” The sheriff said

Amanda rapidly controls and flings a desk to Nickolas but Nickolas lifts his palm and fists, exploding it in the air

-“dick move…my turn” Nickolas says lifting up his palm and fisting it again

The glass door shattered in Asher’s and Amanda’s face. Then also flings a desk to them. But Amanda pushes Asher to the floor

-“good reflexes” Nickolas says

[Garth and Lullaby fighting]

Garth throws Lullaby to the floor and goes on top of her. Lifts up his claws and uses them to stab Lullaby in the chest

Amanda on top of Asher saying something not understandable.

Amanda rapidly gets up and breaths deeply and then opens her arms wide screaming. Lights start exploding, windows shattering desk exploding. Amanda then goes down on knees, weak.

-“you don’t look to well, what happen? That exhausted you?”

Amanda trying to catch breathe.

-“where- -where did Asher go?” Nickolas says

-“back here” Asher says

-“Asher no!”

Asher shots Nickolas on the shoulder. Nickolas falls to the ground. The sheriff and the detective get released. Nickolas agonizing on the floor.

-“holy shit, I shot someone!” Asher said

-“are you guys ok?” Sheriff asked

-“I’m fine…” Amanda said catching her breath

-“I feel sick, oh so sick” Asher said with a hand on his stomach

-“Leah, where is she?” Sheriff asked

Detective Johnson examines Nickolas on the floor

-“school, she is at school” Amanda answered the sheriff’s question

-“go ahead, I will stay with him”

The sheriff runs towards the exit

-“wait!” Amanda screams getting up from the floor

She walks up to Nickolas and gets on her knees.

-“you don’t deserve power, and even less this power” she says then placing both hands on him

-“what are you doing?” Nickolas said on top of the pain

-“taking away what you shouldn’t have had in the first place…your magic”

[Lullaby stabbed by Garth’s claws]

Garth forces his claws deeper in. Lullaby agonizing in pain. Garth stops forcing and starts breathing heavily. The werewolf looks at his paw and notices that it is turning into a human hand.

-“what?” Garth says confused

[Amanda taking Nickolas power]

-“taking his magic and transferring to mine, meaning that the werewolf has no magic to hold on to in other words…it dies”

[Garth turning into human]

-“no, what is going on?” Garth screams and starts walking away

Lullaby stays on the floor fainting but still a bit conscious.

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