When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


18. The awakening

Chapter 17- the awakening

-“Leah…do you think…what she did to you last night has anything to do with what happened to you last night?” Asher said

-“what happened to me last night?” Leah said sounding uninterested

-“you know…*whispering* the killings” Asher said

-“Asher I already told you, I didn’t kill anyone last night, period” Leah said

-“c’mon Leah, the sleepwalking, jumping out of the window, found you naked close to the dead bodies” Asher was explaining

-“hold on, naked? Who told you I was naked?” Leah asks

-“well…you dad kind of…mentioned…something” Asher mumbled

-“dad…my dad? oh my God…Asher you have turned in to the only person I can trust” Leah said

-“Leah, concentrate, this happened after the party” Asher says

Leah starts thinking.

-“nothing happened after the party, because I am not a murder” Leah said and then pays attention to class.

Asher looks at Leah worried and then pays attention to class also.

[Leah’s house]

[Sheriff getting putting his badge on, fixes hat and walks towards the door]

-“night shift again?” Leah says breaking the silent

-“Leah *chuckles* thought you were upstairs sleeping” Leah’s dad says

-“I couldn’t sleep” Leah says

-“ok, umm…yeah, night shift tonight, been a busy day and papers have to be filled” sheriff says

-“I understand…” Leah says in a low voice

-“yeah, so, see you in the morning” the sheriff says and walks closer to the door

-“dad are we safe?” Leah asks shy

Leah’s dad walks up to Leah and bends down to Leah’s face.

-“Leah, of course we are, why would you think we are not?” her dad asks

-“I don’t know, all those dead cops last night in the woods, I mean the Hemlock Covert woods are right out my window dad!” Leah says nervous

-“I understand, look…this whole morning there was a unit searching and verifying the woods, every inch and every corner of the woods and nobody was found and tonight there is a unite around the woods, no one is in, no one is going in, whoever did this is not in the woods anymore, ok?” the sheriff explained to his daughter

-“ok” Leah said in a low and shy voice

Leah’s dad kisses Leah on the forehead

-“I will be back before you wake up” the sheriff says standing up and heading to the door again –“I love you” the sheriff says before leaving

-“I love you too” Leah says looking back at her dad

[An hour goes by]

Leah turns off TV and start walking up stairs

-“Leah…” a voice broke out of nowhere

-“hello? … Dad?” Leah screams but getting no response

-“Leah…” I heard the terrifying voice again

-“who…who’s there?” Leah asks terrified 

Leah’s heart rate rises as if she just ran a marathon.

-“hello?!” Leah repeated expecting an answer

The voice started laughing slowly but with a violent vibe to it. Leah start breathing heavily. Leah covers her ears but still hears the laughs. The laugh stops. Leah runs to the bath room and pours water on her face. Then looks up at the mirror and sees a weird terrifying unidentifiable entity in the mirror as her reflection. Leah screams and falls back to the floor terrified.

-“no, no, no, no, no” Leah kept repeating –“please no” Leah says crying a little

Leah rises to the mirror again to see if she can identify the entity but to her surprised it was her own reflection.

[Leah in the living room couch with her cellphone to her ear, eyes red of crying]

-“hello? Asher? I think you are right…something is totally wrong with me” Leah said 

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