When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


2. Prologue

Chapter 1- Prologue

From mermaids, trolls, chimeras, fairies, werewolves, unicorns, dragons, ghoul, gnome to yeti and long less monster, what do all these creatures have in common? There all mystical and myths, in other words fake…or are they? We all heard of sights but we have never seen them ourselves, why is that? Is it because of our ignorance, lack of believe?

-“I will tell you what it is” Leah says throwing the book to the other side of the bed –“bullshit! Nothing more and nothing less” Leah says

Someone knocks on her door

-“yeah?” she screams from her bed

-“dinner is ready” her dad said opening the door

-“I’m not hungry” Leah said

-“are you sure?” her dad said

-“dad, I am pretty sure that I know better than anyone right now that I am not hungry, and I really feel like I did not have to explain that” Leah said

-“is this about the party?” the dad asked

-“part of it…maybe” Leah said

-“Leah…” the dad said disappointed

-“what? I can control a party and a few people” Leah said

-“it’s not the control of the party I am worried about, it’s what happens in these preteen parties” the dad said

-“preteen? I am sixteen” Leah said

-“and you are still learning how to be a teen and spoiler alert, you will never learn, you will always make mistakes but thanks to the teen mistakes we learn how to be adults” the dad says

-“it’s like you don’t trust me” Leah says

-“oh but I do, if I didn’t I wouldn’t be leaving you here…alone” the dad says

-“yeah? How many cop cars are going to pass by here every hour?” Leah asks

-“none, I promise” the dad said

-“pinky promise?” Leah asked

-“pinky promise” the dad said

-“you know your pinky will fall off if you are lying” Leah said

-“well good thing I am not lying, I like my pinky” her dad said

Leah chuckles and smiles

-“Then again I can always leave you here with your grandmother” the dad says teasing back

-“true, but who would be taking care of who?” Leah says

-“She is still an adult representative” the dad says heading to the door –“food is downstairs, it’s your favorite mac and cheese…four cheeses” the dad says

-“no thanks, I’m really not hungry, lock it, I’m going to sleep” Leah says

-“lock it? You haven’t sleepwalked in a few week” the dad says

-“you never know when it might happen again” Leah said

-“good night Leah” the dad says then closing the door and then locking it

Leah opens a drawer next to her bed and takes a picture out of a women. Then cellphone rings. Leah puts the picture in the drawer again and answers her phone. Looks at the caller “Asher”

-“talk to me dude!” she said

-“ok, so Alex accepted to buy the beers, though he wants a half” Asher said

-“half of a pack?” Leah asked surprised

-“pack? I thought you said keg” Asher said

-“keg? You bought six kegs?” Leah said laughing

-“didn’t you…? Wasn’t it…? Leah there is no refunds” Asher said

-“haha forget it, just that’s fine” Leah said

-“Leah, are you sure your dad is fine with you throwing this party him not being there?” Asher asked

-“dude, I asked him, he is fine with it” Leah said obviously lying

-“ok, whatever you say” Asher said

-“see you tomorrow” Leah said

-“see you tomorrow” Asher said then hanging up

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