When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


36. Lullaby’s break out

Chapter 36-Lullaby’s break out

[Sheriff Waverly in his office]

Hears a scream. Takes out gun from drawer and gets up and walks slowly to the reception. Arriving to the reception sees blood shattered around the department.

-“hi dad” he hears a voice behind him and turns around quickly

[Asher, Amanda, Joshua and Justin in school]

A gun shot is heard

-“was that a gunshot?” Joshua asked

-“sure did sound like a gunshot” Asher said

-“like you have ever heard a gunshot to know” Justin said

-“oh I am sorry, have you?” Asher asks Justin

-“to the matter of fact I have” Justin says

-“oh please, bb guns don’t count” Asher says

-“ok, can both of you seriously like, shut the fuck up” Amanda says

They all hear a noise at the end of the hall.

-“who else is here with you guys?” Amanda Asked

-“um…well Bonnie was supposed to but after her brother died she left town” Joshua said

They all hear a noise again

-“anyone else?” Amanda askes looking down the dark hall

-“Samantha and Loren couldn’t make it today” Joshua said

They all hear a noise again louder

-“um…should we be like leaving or…maybe checking out what the noise is?” Justin said

They then hear thumbing noise as if someone was stumping towards them. Out of the black hall the figure of the werewolf becomes visible.

-“what the fuck…” Joshua said

-“let’s get out here” Asher said

Asher, Amanda, Joshua and Justin start running. They hide in a classroom

-“ok, what the hell was that?” Joshua asked

-“whatever it was, it wasn’t human” Justin said

-“guys chill, we are not exactly safe in here” Amanda said

-"what the fuck is that?" Justin asked freaked out

-"dude chill" Asher said

-"chill? chill? you want me to chill?" Justin said

-"you guys need to explain, like now!" Joshua said

Amanda and Asher look at each other

-"we will, as soon as we have time" Amanda said

-"and as soon as we find out as well" Asher added  

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