When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


6. I'm cursed

Chapter 5- I’m cursed


Asher opens the door and finds Leah on the floor


-"Leah?!" Runs towards her and knees -"Leah what happened? Are you ok?" Asher said worried  

Leah recovers conscious


-"what the fuck" she said with one hand on her head


-"are you ok?" Asher asked


-"where did she go?" Leah asked getting up


-"who? The girl that came up? Did you guys fight or something?" Asher asked worried

Leah pushes Asher aside and sees the other half of her mother’s pictures and picks it up. Asher comes.


-"your moms picture" Asher said confused


Leah walks away


-"Leah what exactly happened here?" Asher said still confused


Leah full of wrath. She runs out of the room


-"Leah!" Asher said running after her


Leah stops at the highest point of the stairs looking around the party to see if she spots the Goth girl

-“how long was I up here for?” Leah asked

-“like fifty teen minutes” Asher answered

-“damn it!” Leah said

-“Leah, What happened?” Asher asked again

Leah and Asher enter her room again

-“a freak girl, that’s what happened” Leah said mad going down the stairs

-“what do you mean? What did she do?” Asher asked

-“she was in my room, through my stuff, ignored me, and poked me and…and ripped my mom’s photo” Leah explained to Asher

-“wait, wait, poked you? Poked you with what?” Asher asked

-“yeah, poked me and then sang a foreign song or something, that’s when I lost conscious” Leah said

-“but just poked you and sang?” Asher asked confused

-“ugh, Asher I don’t know, ok?!... Look, it’s not such a big deal ok?” Leah said calming down

-“not a big deal? This girl was in your room” Asher said –“shouldn’t we call the cops?” Asher said

-“Asher, there are kegs down there with teenagers, my dad is the sheriff, how well do you think that will end” Leah said

-“you’re right” Asher said

-“And anyways” –Leah sat down on her computer chair –“after I say my name they are most likely going to notify my dad” Leah said

-“but your dad is out of town” Asher said

-“doesn’t matter he is still the sheriff” Leah said a little annoyed

-“true” Asher said

-“*sighs* we should get back to the party, I can’t leave my house unattended for so long” Leah says then getting up. Looks at the picture of her mom taped together

-“yeah, let’s go” Asher said

Both Leah and Asher head downstairs.

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