When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


20. I saw the truth

Chapter 19- I saw the truth

-“wow!” Asher screamed of surprised

-“are you going to have to start paying rent around here Asher?” Mr. Winston Waverly said

-“oh my god, give me a sec, I think I am having a mini heart attack” Asher said writhing on the floor

-“Asher, it is 6 o’clock in the morning, what are you doing here?” Mr. Waverly asked

-“Leah, where’s Leah?” Asher asked

-“she is upstairs in her room sleeping” Mr. Winston said

-“how sure are you about that?” Asher asked

-“Asher, are you going to tell me what you are doing here?” Mr. Winston asked

-“no, no, just please Mr. Waverly, are you sure?” Asher asked once again

-“…yes Asher, I am sure, I walked up there and saw her sleeping in her bed” Mr. Winston said

Asher takes a deep breath as relief.

-“now are you going to tell me what you are doing here?” Mr. Winston asked again

-“no, I mean *places hand on forehead* I wish I could, but, I myself have no idea, what I am doing here” Asher said

-“Asher… the deal of you being in my house doesn’t bother me as much anymore, unfortunately I have learn to get used to it, but here, the night, in my absent, with my daughter and why are sleeping on the floor?” Mr. Winston said

-“Sr. Leah and I…” Asher tried to explain

-“I know you two are friends, since…what…first day of middle school?” Mr. Winston said

-“Sr. I wasn’t, we weren’t” Asher trying to say something

-“There you go again, stuttering, like the last time I asked you, is there something I should know?” Mr. Winston asked

Asher looked at Mr. Winston thinking. And looks down disappointed

-“no sir…nothing” Asher said

-“why don’t you go home and get ready for school?” Mr. Winston said glowering

-“yeah, I’m sorry for the bother” Asher said getting up and heading towards the door –“but just to make sure…you are sure Leah is *gets interrupted*”

-“Asher, home, now!” Mr. Winston said glowering

-“yes! Of course, leaving” Asher says opening the door and leaving

[Leah walking in the school hallway]

-“Leah! Leah!” Asher said screaming running towards Leah

-“Asher? My dad said he saw you thrown on the living room floor, what’s up with that?” Leah asked confused

-“don’t worry about that, are you ok?” Asher asked desperate

-“umm…I think so, I mean I can use another hour or two of sleep but *Asher then grabs Leah’s hand and walked to a corner*”

-“I saw you last night” Asher said

-“*chuckles a little* Asher were you creepily stalking me last night or something?” Leah said a little unpleasant

-“no, no, just hear me out, ok?” Asher said concerned

-“ok, ok…talk up” Leah said

-“you…I saw you…but…it wasn’t you” Asher tried explaining

-“would you like to be a little more specific with what you want to talk about, I assume I am supposed to understand” Leah said

-“Leah, you called me last night, saying you hear stuff and seeing stuff, do you remember?” Asher asked

-“I-I do…but I was probably just tired, that’s all” Leah said smiling and placing her hair behind her ear

-“no, Leah, I saw you but in a mystic…creature form” Asher said

-“mystic…creature f…orm?” Leah said disoriented

-“Leah, look I know it sounds crazy, but that’s why I was thrown in your living room this morning” Asher said

Leah laughs

-“oh my god Asher, what the hell?” Leah said still laughing

-“I’m not joking around, I’m serious” Asher said serious

-“maybe you saw the tooth fairy” Leah said laughing

-“Leah, no, listen to me…I’m serious” Asher said

-“you should have filmed it, tooth fairy, caught on tape, real footage *laughs* get a ton of views on YouTube” Leah says making fun of Asher

-“Leah I’m…that’s it…footage ”Asher says looking astonished 

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