When a small town starts having to deal with death of teens, residential's of Crystal mount county start to feel dreadful at night. Leah believes that in her sleep she is reason of the deaths after finding out a mystical secret that she hides inside. That might scare here but at the same time satisfy her at some point of her life.


7. Back to sleep walking

Chapter 6 – Back to sleep walking

[3 hours after]

After 3 hours party starts to calm down and guests started to leave until it's down to just Leah, Asher and Joshua.

-"thanks so much DJ JO" Leah said saying her goodbyes

-"no problem, and not a DJ right now so it's just Joshua, see you Monday at school you two" Joshua said leaving

-"See you bro" Asher says -"well was this the party you were expecting?" Asher said turning to Leah

Leah and Asher picking up the mess of the party

-"no shit! Haha it had it's up and down but it was pretty rad I would say! Right?" Leah exclaimed

-"yeah pretty rad!" Asher exclaimed

-"hey, staying for the night?" Leah asks still picking up

-"is that ok with you?" Asher asks picking up a cup from the floor

-"my dad’s out of town and anyways were just friends having like...a play date, like old times" Leah said then laughs

-"yeah old times" Asher repeats

-"haha yeah" Leah says

-"by the way...who the hell says play date anymore?" Asher says making fun of Leah

-"people use play date!" Leah says

-"bullshit no one says..." Asher takes a pause as he picks up somethings from the floor -"Leah is this what I think it is?" Asher says grossed out

-"Come again" Leah says turning around -"ugh! What the fuck ew! Asher that is a fucking used condom!" Leah says freaked out

Asher throws the used condom again to the floor

-"Asher don't throw it to the floor again! Flush it down the toilet!" Leah says still grossed out

-"I am not picking that up again, there is no way!" Asher said freaked out

After an hour and a half of picking up Leah and Asher fall asleep on the couch. After 2 hours of sleep, Asher wakes up just a little noticing it's still dark outside. But then starts visualizing a figure not too far of a distance. He rubs his eyes to see if he could see who it was. He finally got a visual, it was Leah just standing staring directly at him with a straight face.

-"Leah?" Asher asked creeped out 

He gets no response. She just stands directly towards Asher with impassive face, not blinking.

-"Leah?" He repeats getting up from the couch

 -"Leah, are you sleep walking again?" He asks getting closer to her

Leah does not change her emotionless expression. As Asher gets closer starts to notice half of her face is slightly different

-"Leah, I swear to god if you are pranking me right now..." Asher says and then swinging his hand across her face

-"Leah!" Asher says in an exclaimed way

Leah rapidly changes her vision, moving only her iris towards Asher. Asher gets spooked and steps back. Leah starts reacting

-"what the hell? Asher, what are you doing here? Where am I? Am I in the kitchen? How the fuck...Asher what the hell? Leah started to get nervous and creeped out

-"Leah! Leah! Just calm down, ok? Apparently you were sleep walking again" Asher said

-"*sigh* fuck, I thought that went away, haven't walked in a while" Leah says sitting down on the couch

Asher noticed that his side of the face is clear

-"if you want we can just stay up and watch a Disney movie or Disney XD that is a little more for teens?" Asher said calming her down

-"*chuckles* I um...hid a box of pizza, we can watch a cheap Disney movie and eat pizza" said Leah

-"sounds like a date" Asher says

-"never will I ever accept a date where we watch a Disney movie, only with you *giggles* I'll get the pizza" Leah said heading to the kitchen

-"right, just with me... your friend" Asher said looking disappointed 

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