Blinded By Her Sweetness-Roman Reigns

Dawn was nothing but excited to be back home with her family. Her life is purely amazing and she couldn't ask for anything more. She has everyone she needs and makes her happy. Her parents who are world famous wrestlers, her older brother and most certainly her best friend.

But everything goes downhill when a certain cousin of hers comes into the picture. Aubrey Taylor is just another ordinary girl. To everyone she is nothing but sweet and smiley. But to Dawn, she is a sour, manipulative bitch who wants to steal everything that means the world to Dawn-including her family and possibly a certain Samoan superman wrestler.

What would happen when Aubrey tries to turn Dawn's family on her? Will they believe everything Aubrey says? Will Roman fall for her tricks?

Who will fall and who will remain by Dawn's side?

Find out in 'Blinded by Her Sweetness.'


1. #SheAskedForIt

"Kal, please? Just for tonight and then you can go back to your house afterwards." I begged my best friend as we clear up the plane.

"Is your brother gonna be there?" She asked and I scrunched up my nose in disgust.

"Gross. No, he's in Hawaii." I tried so hard not to vomit.

"Geez, calm your farm. I was just wondering and to answer your question-no." She said and I whined like a baby.

"Kal, I am begging you and you should be grateful; because Dawnetria Alex Cena don't do begging." I said with a serious face and she sighed.

"Yah, okay. But I have to stop at my house first so I can unpack. I'll be at yours round 11." She said and I jumped up and down like a kangaroo.

"Yaaasss! We can watch movies and eat the fridge-"

"You can. I'll just eat your food but the fridge is all yours my friend." She patted me on the back and I rolled my eyes, getting my stuff and heading towards the airport.

Feels good to be home and its only for three months. Better enjoy it while I can.


When I saw the familiar brown brick wall I grinned like an idiot. I wonder what my parents are doing.

They don't know that I come home today and I wanted to surprise them. I also miss my older brother, Nick.

Even though he's one hell of a tool but a brother's a brother. I grabbed my small suitcase that barely has anything in it and ran towards the front door.

As I were about to grab the doorknob, the door itself flew open and I soon came face-to-face with a well built guy with extremely long hair...longer than my own to be precise.

I examine all his features and I can't believe how much of a stalker I am. He cleared his throat and I shook my head back to reality.

"As much as I enjoy you checking me out but I have places to be, pumpkin." The grey eyed hulk said. I rolled my eyes and stepped towards him. Now that I think about it, I probably look like a pumpkin; seeing as I'm a lot smaller than him.

But that didn't stop me.

"You listen here, punk. One, I hate pumpkins. Two, I wasn't checking you out and three, this is my house and you're on my doorstep, so I suggest you get out of my face before I make you, asshole." I finished by giving him the sweetest smile I could muster, then walked inside my house.

Who the hell does he think he is? Checking him out, yeah right. 

"Mom, Dad, I'm home!" I called out, making my way upstairs to my room.

When I walked in my eyes widened seeing how everything looks different and they seem to have been rearranged.

Mom, probably changed it. But she knows pink isn't my color.

I ignored the bright pink and aqua walls as I threw my suitcase on my queen sized bed, and ran straight for my bathroom.

I was busting a while ago and one funny fact about me is...I hate using public toilets. I don't care whether the place seems clean, it's a big no-no for me.

If you're wondering-no I am not a clean or a germ freak but in terms of using the same bathroom with strangers; I just can't do it.

I opened the door and I screamed bloody murder.

"Aahh! What the fuck?!" I yelled, covering my eyes, seeing as there's a bloody naked stranger in my bathroom.

"What do you think you're doing?" The bright pink haired stranger said.

"For fucks sake; this is my bathroom, so put some fuckin' clothes on and get the fuck out of my house!" I yelled, slowly removing my hands from my face.

"What is going on in here-Oh my goodness, honey, is that you?" I turned around and saw the one and only woman that gave birth to me.

I ran towards her and engulfed her into a massive hug.

"Hi, Mom." I smiled and she hugged me even tighter.

"Sweetie, I missed you. How was your flight? Did you hurt yourself? Did you eat well?" 

"Mom, calm down. The flight was okay, I didn't hurt myself and yes, I ate...a lot." I said and she laughed.

"That's my girl." I hugged her once more until someone cleared their throat.

I broke off the hug and we both looked to see the stranger still covered in a freakin' towel.

"As much as I love this reunion moment, Aunt Nikki, but I really need to use the bathroom." The pink haired said.

My mouth fell open and I looked towards my mother. Did I just hear her right?

I waited for my mother to tell me that this pink haired stranger is indeed talking shit but she sent me the most awkward smile ever.

"Honey, this is your father's niece Aubrey and she'll be staying with us for good. Your father and I will tell you more about it tonight at dinner. Now go unpack your stuff and get changed. I'll just be in the kitchen if you need me." She kissed my forehead and I saw Aubrey roll her eyes. 

When my Mom left, I tried my hardest not to start up an argument with my so called cousin. Now how come I haven't heard of her before?

I ignored her stare and went to get changed.

"What do you think you're doing?" She asked and I sighed.

"Changing, what else?" I asked and she laughed bitterly.

"Hate to break it to ya, Cuz-but this is my room now." She said and I jumped right at her.

I pulled her hair and she screamed for help. 

"You fuckin' bitch! You can't just come here and act like you fuckin' own my house bitch!" I yelled as I sat on top of her and continuously sending punches to her face.

"Girls, what's the-Dawn!" I heard my father yell, as he pulled me away from Aubrey.

I smirked to myself as I observed my beautiful masterpiece. Aubrey's sitting on the floor with her pink hair all over her face and a busted lip.

For me, my hair is no longer in a tight neat bun but it's now a messy bun...if it even looks like a bun.

She sent me a death glare as I smiled like an idiot. 

My Dad helped her up and my eyebrows furrowed in confusion. If my Dad is there...then who's holding my hands?

I slowly turned around and was shocked to see the guy I saw earlier at my doorstep.

"Some hard knuckles you got there, sweetheart." He smirked as I just gave him a stern look.

I was about to say something to him when Aubrey opened her mouth.

"Is that all you got, Stewardess?" I turned around so I could see her face  fully.

"Why? You still want some? I can give you a lot worse than that, sweetie."

"Dawn, that's enough!" My father yelled and I just rolled my eyes.

"Whatever." I muttered as I walked out of my room.

I stomped my way down the stairs and grabbed my car keys off the kitchen bench.

"Sweetie, where are you going?" I heard my mother ask from the kitchen.

"Anywhere but here." I said without looking at her as I stubbornly trudge out of the house, slamming the front door in the process.

To think I was excited to be home.


"What a fuckin' bitch!" My best friend  yelled.

I just nodded in response as I ate her half eaten fruit salad.

"So apparently she's your cousin and your parents didn't inform you about this before you came home?" She asked and I shook my head.

"Not a single thing." I said and my phone started ringing.

I looked at the caller ID and ignored it.

"Who was that?" Kallista asked.

I sighed, shoving my phone away.
"My Dad."

"Just answer it and tell him where you are. He's probably worried about you."

"Yeah, right. The only thing he's worried about is Aubrey at this point. She's his niece after all." I stabbed my salad when I mentioned her name.

"Don't say that. He's your father and yeah Aubrey's his niece but in case you forgot, you're his daughter. He loves and cares about you more than anything-not even Aubrey can overtake that. Call him and maybe he'll explain." My best friend said and I smiled.

I jumped off the couch and gave her a tight squeeze.

"I love you and thanks for being my best friend." I said.

"Anytime, pumpkin." She said and I pushed her away.

"Ew! This guy called me that earlier this morning when I got home." I said, remembering the events that happened earlier.

"Oohh, was he hot?" She asked and I rolled my eyes.

"He's decent." I said and she raised her eyebrows.

"Okay, he's hot but he's a complete ass so don't let his looks fool you." My phone started ringing and it was my brother.

What now...

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