Blinded By Her Sweetness-Roman Reigns

Dawn was nothing but excited to be back home with her family. Her life is purely amazing and she couldn't ask for anything more. She has everyone she needs and makes her happy. Her parents who are world famous wrestlers, her older brother and most certainly her best friend.

But everything goes downhill when a certain cousin of hers comes into the picture. Aubrey Taylor is just another ordinary girl. To everyone she is nothing but sweet and smiley. But to Dawn, she is a sour, manipulative bitch who wants to steal everything that means the world to Dawn-including her family and possibly a certain Samoan superman wrestler.

What would happen when Aubrey tries to turn Dawn's family on her? Will they believe everything Aubrey says? Will Roman fall for her tricks?

Who will fall and who will remain by Dawn's side?

Find out in 'Blinded by Her Sweetness.'


2. #CheapAssHairDye


"Where are you? Dad, is looking everywhere for you and he said you won't pick up your phone!" My brother practically yelled through the phone.

I rolled my eyes and pushed the phone away from my ear. Great! I don't think I'll be able to fly anymore since my hearing is basically damaged.

"Dawnetria?!" I ignored him and went back to eating my fruit salad. 

"Dawn, stop being rude and talk to him." I just stared blankly at my best friend and she threw me with the couch cushion.

I continue to remain still until I saw her reach for the TV remote. I quickly grabbed the phone and she grinned in victory-I'm guessing.

I slowly placed the phone towards my ear and then I gave her an evil smirk. 

Before she could run, I chuck the phone at her and she jumped in shock as she played hot potato with my phone.

"H-hello?" She stuttered and I tried so hard not to laugh. I could barely make out what Nick is saying on the other side of the line but I could care less.

"Nick, h-hey." I rolled my eyes as she turns red like a beetroot. 

Way to keep your cool, Kal!

"Yeah, she got here a while ago. I told her but she refused. Mhm...sure, don't worry about it." She says and I'm just sitting on the couch imitating her.

She hit me on the arm and I just winked at her. It's so fun seeing this embarassing state of her.

She had always had a crush on my brother ever since we became friends apparently and I just found out when we were in senior year.

Of course I smacked her head a couple of times just to see if she was on her right state of mind, but apparently not. She lost her mind the day she met my brother...which was in middle school. It's shocking because she had none at all.

Too bad my brother doesn't know...even though I tried telling him on multiple occasions but of course I just ended up with Kal's hand down my throat.

I draw my attention back to my constipated looking friend in front of me. 

"It was nice talking to you too. Yes. Nick, I got it. Bye." She finally hung up and squealed like a maniac. 

Geez! A girl can actually act like that just because of a guy? Well, Damn Daniel😉.

When she finally came back to planet earth, she quickly straightened her outfit and I just remained seated with furrowed eyebrows.

"What? You've never seen a girl fangirling over a boy before?" She asked and I stared at her.

"Okay. First, gross because we're talking about my brother here and two, I actually wouldn't know because apparently the only thing I fangirl over is food, and food is life." I stated, my right hand hovering over my heart.

She shook her head, checking her watch. 

"Your brother said you have to be home for dinner. Apparently it's a important one." She said and I sighed.

"Ugh, can I just stay here with you? I don't wanna see that snake ass bitch face anymore. I might just strangle her with her fake ass pink hair." I vented on and on making my best friend laugh her mega mind away.

"Which is why I'll be there with you. Your brother said your dad invited me as well." She said and I groaned, sliding myself on the floor.

"Oh and I want to meet this pink haired cousin of yours." She mentioned and I groaned even louder, as I am fully laying on the floor, repeatedly hitting my forehead against the hard carpeted floor.

"Would you get up?" She asked and I ignored her.

I could almost feel her rolling her eyes at me as she managed to pick me up and dragging me out of her house.

"Why on earth would you even wanna meet her?" I asked, venom written in my tone.

"Cause I want to see if her hair dye is actually cheap by the way you described it." She said and I slapped her right on the forehead.

Hard of course.

"Ouch! Are you out of your mind?!" She screeched, rubbing her now red marked forehead.

"Just a little." I winked at her as I made my way to my car.

"Sometimes I wonder why we're best friends." I hear her mumble, as she jumped into the passenger seat of my yellow Swift.

"Sometimes I wonder why you like my brother." I muttered to myself so she can't hear.

"What?" She asked as I backed out of her driveway.

"You got nice ears...yeah that's what I said." I mentally shot myself over and over again.

"Thanks, I guess?" She said, but it came out like a question.

"No probs. I like ears." My eyes widened as I registered what I just said.

She raised her eyebrows at me and I just gave her a nervous smile, hi-fiving her forehead in the process.

Damn, what was in that fruit salad?

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