Star Trek Endeavor: Chaotic Catovens

On their way towards Starbase 214 the Endeavor encounters a transport ship in trouble only when they arrive the crew of the Endeavor will encounter an unknown species that is a handful to both the Endeavor and the people on Starbase 214.


9. 9

Ender said, “Captain’s Log star date 2344.8, all security personnel that were sent to the surface by former governor Mario have returned to the ship.  Since Admiral Lucas has put in charge and the Catovens are allowed to enter the starbase in the daytime everything has settled down and we are able to catch up and assist with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to build the space station that is in orbit.  At the same time I decided to take the liberty and take a nice long rest due to the stress of both settling the Catovens and dealing with the former governor.” Ender was laying back in bed asleep when his computer monitor beeped and a female voice said, “Sir, incoming transmission from Admiral Lucas.” Ender sighed as he got up, still in his blue uniform, and sat behind the monitor on his desk after whipping his face with a wet towel and the screen turned on to show Admiral Lucas and he said, “Morning Captain, sorry to disturb you this early.” Ender said, “I’m fine Admiral, I’m use to getting up early.” Lucas said, “Well I hope you got plenty of rest because I just received word from Starfleet Command that you and the Endeavor are now hereby ordered to leave Federation space when we are finished here to explore a spacial disturbance that is deep in unexplored space.” Ender looked puzzled and said, “Do you have anymore details admiral?” The admiral began speaking and Ender went from being calm to sitting on the edge of his seat.

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