Star Trek Endeavor: Chaotic Catovens

On their way towards Starbase 214 the Endeavor encounters a transport ship in trouble only when they arrive the crew of the Endeavor will encounter an unknown species that is a handful to both the Endeavor and the people on Starbase 214.


8. 8

The workers and other Starfleet personnel within the base dispersed and went back to their normal duties as Ender entered the town hall and reached the secretaries desk that is just outside the governor’s office.  Ender looked at the skinny Centarion secretary in a yellow uniform and he said, “Is he occupied presently?” Then the governor’s loud voice is heard from outside his office and the secretary replied calmly, “He is currently speaking with Admiral Lucas.  Would you mind waiting a few minutes?” Ender smiled and said, “I’ll wait.” He then sat on the couch in front of her as he waited and smiled at her as she made occasionally glances at him and blushed as she smiled back.  


    The wait was not long when there is a single long beep sound from the secretaries desk and she pressed a button and the governor said, “Send Captain Wiggin in.” The secretary replied, “Yes sir, he’s just outside.” Ender got up and entered the governor’s office as he saw the governor sitting behind a large metal desk as he looked up and said, “Captain Wiggin, Admiral Lucas wants to speak to you.” Ender walked up as Mario smiled and Ender said, “Yes Admiral?” Lucas spoke on the phone speaker, “Captain, governor Mario told me what happened and I have watched the security feed of the whole incident.  Did you think it was wise to open the gate to speak to the Catovens while having security lowered the arms during you’re meeting with the Catoven’s leader?” Ender replied, “Yes sir.  Since our first contact with them they have not raised a single firearm against us and after I spoke with their leader the only reason why they reacted the way they did is because to them the closed gates and the perimeter wall and intense security represents we are planning to wage a hostile act against them.  I told them that we have not fully explored the planet and we are just taking defensive measures in case there are hostile forces here, but I told them I will contact the governor and ask him to keep the gates open so they may enter whenever they please and that is all they wanted.” Lucas said, “Even after what happened to your ship’s engineer and the mutiny onboard one of their ship’s you still decided to take a gamble with the entire starbase at stake?” After a brief pause Ender replied, “Yes sir.” Mario yelled out, “See he admitted it!  He is a danger to this starbase and...” Lucas said, “Governor quiet please.  I have already reviewed this with Starfleet Command and they have replied to the report that has been sent.” Lucas then read the report, “By order of Starfleet Command and the Federation Council, Governor Mario is hereby ordered back to Earth for reassignment and Admiral Lucas is to be the new commander of Starbase 214 and the supply hub to Vanguard Station.  All security personnel from the USS Endeavor that are assigned to Starbase Security are to return to the Endeavor immediately and the Catovens to be allowed access to the starbase from 8 am to 5 pm with the base security still maintaining their readiness level along the base perimeter.” Mario looked shocked and yelled, “WHAT!  They can’t do this to me!  I founded this starbase and I will be damned...” Lucas said, “Security, escort former governor Mario to the transporter room and beam him to the USS Armstrong that is departing today.” Two security guards entered the room and stood by the governor’s desk and guided the governor out of the office even as he still complained.  The door closed once the governor and security left and Ender sighed quietly before he said, “Anything else Admiral?” Lucas said, “No Captain Wiggin.  You and your ship may proceed with the assistance to finish building the starbase.” Ender replied, “Yes sir.”  And he left the office once the speaker phone turned off.

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