Star Trek Endeavor: Chaotic Catovens

On their way towards Starbase 214 the Endeavor encounters a transport ship in trouble only when they arrive the crew of the Endeavor will encounter an unknown species that is a handful to both the Endeavor and the people on Starbase 214.


7. 7

The red alert klaxon alarm went off as Ender said, “Captain’s Log Supplemental!  We have received word that Starbase 214 has issued a code 7! The ship is now on red alert and I am reporting to the coordinates the governor is located along with the ship’s doctor!” Ender ran into the transporter room with his phaser ready and the doctor already waiting for him on the transporter pad as the doctor said, “Captain are you sure it’s a good idea to transport to the surface without a security escort?” Ender said, “Ask the governor the same question since he has our entire security force!  Just stay close to me!  Energize!” They both dematerialized and once they rematerialized on the surface they were surrounded by people moving about in a hurry as they looked alarmed.  Ender and the doctor saw along the walkway on the perimeter wall security personnel with their handheld and phaser rifles drawn as various objects were thrown from the other side of the wall at them with the Catovens making hissing and cat screeching noises.  Ender heard Mario yell, “Captain Wiggin!” Ender looked and spotted Mario surrounded by security personnel at the main entrance of City Hall and Ender and the doctor made their way to them through the rushing people.  


    Once Ender reached Mario he looked at Ender baffled and he said, “Captain Wiggin where is your security escort?” Ender looked at him like he is crazy and yelled over the yelling crowd around them, “You have all my security governor!” Mario still looked baffled and Ender yelled, “So where are they breaking through?” Mario looked at Ender puzzled and said, “Breaking through?” Ender said, “Yes!  You issued a code 7, meaning the starbase is about to be overrun by hostile forces!” The Andorian security man next to the governor said, “Sir we are not exactly being overrun!” Ender looked irritated and said, “Then what exactly is going on?” Mario said, “Wiggin, I want you to go out there and tell them Catovens to stop harassing the perimeter wall and security personnel!” Ender looked at him in disbelief and said, “You mean you want me to go out into that angry mob and tell them to calm down?” Mario said, “That’s right Starfleet Captain, or do you want me to repeat it?” Ender glared at him and Mario looked at him with amazement and said, “CAPTAIN....!” Ender cut in, “I’ll do it!” And he instructed the two security personnel before him to stand behind him as he made his way to the main gate.  


    When Ender reached the gate he talked to the security personnel surrounding him before they dispersed and formed a horseshoe perimeter around the main gate before Ender yelled out, “Open the gate!” Mario looked shocked and he began desperately shoving past the people surrounding him as he tried to reach Ender.  The Security chief next to Ender looked at him puzzled and said, “Are you sure you want to do this sir?” Ender yelled, “Yes, positive!” Mario was about to approach Ender till a wall of security officers blocked his path and kept him at bay as he yelled, “Captain Wiggin you are not going to open that gate!  I am not going to allow you to hand over the base to those Catovens!” As the security kept trying to push the governor back he looked up in anger and yelled, “Let go of me!  I’m the governor of Starbase 214!” He pointed at Ender and yelled, “He’s the one you should be stopping!” The main gate opened when a security guard pulled down a lever on a control station to the right of the gate and a hoard of mixed Catovens came straight at Ender till all the security personnel along the gate and behind Ender pointed their phasers at the Catovens and they stopped suddenly and looked at Ender and the security personnel in bewilderment.  Ender raised his hands and he yelled out, “There is nothing to fear!” A male, large Catoven approached Ender and Ender activated his translator when he lowered his hands as the Catoven said, “Why are your people pointing those guns at us?  Why do you have a wall?” Ender said, “They are for protection.  We are new to this planet and it is not fully explored.  We also built a wall so your people can adjust to this planet with worrying about us interfering till you call upon us.” The Catoven spoke and the translator translated, “To us the wall symbolizes that whoever is behind it is preparing to attack or is hiding something that could be used to kill us.” Ender sighed and said to himself, “Time to pull a hail Mary.” Ender said aloud, “Put your weapons down!” The people in the starbase including the security personnel looked at him dismayed and there was a short silence.  A security officer behind Ender whispered to him, “Sir?” Ender turned his head back and said, “You heard me sailor.” Mario screamed, “WIGGIN I CAN HAVE YOU COURT-MARTIALED!” Ender said, “Governor Mario either be quiet or I’ll have one of my men shut it for you!” Mario yelled, “Wig...” Ender yelled, “Security!” Two security men grabbed the governor under each arm and hauled him away even as he squirmed and protested under their grip.  The Catoven looked at the governor and back at Ender curiously (as well as the other Catovens) and he said, according to the translator, “Who is that?” Ender replied, “The governor of the starbase.” The Catoven clawed the air in the governor’s general direction and meowed angrily.  Ender stifled a laugh and he said, “What do you want to settle our problems here?” The Catoven said (translator), “We wish to enter the starbase whenever we feel like it.” Ender said, “I’ll have to ask the governor, but I can’t make any guarantees.” The Catoven made a low growl and said (translator), “Then we will come back everyday till he opens the gates.” Ender looked grim and he said, “I will notify him.” The Catovens backed away from the gate and perimeter wall as Ender walked back and he said, “Close the gate.” And the gates closed behind him.

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