Star Trek Endeavor: Chaotic Catovens

On their way towards Starbase 214 the Endeavor encounters a transport ship in trouble only when they arrive the crew of the Endeavor will encounter an unknown species that is a handful to both the Endeavor and the people on Starbase 214.


5. 5

The Endeavor came out of trans-warp and maneuvered to port as the Catoven ship sat idly by while on the bridge the Catoven ship just appeared on the main viewer as the ship drew closer as the Endeavor approached.  Ender said, “Comms, has the Catoven ship been notified about the heading to Starbase 214?” Comms replied, “If their language is inputed correctly into our translator I believe so sir.” Ender said, “Then notify them to follow us.” Comms replied, “Yes sir.” Ender said, “Mr. Weiss, backtrack to Starbase 214 at trans-warp 1.” Joachim replied, “Yes sir.” The Endeavor turned about with the Catoven ship following and both ships went to warp.  


    Once they are at warp Ender turned to comms and said, “Communications, notify Starbase 214 we are on our way.” Comms replied, “Yes sir, but I am also receiving a transmission from the Starbase commander wishing you to beam down to his office once we arrive.” Ender said, “Tell them message received and understood.” Comms replied, “Yes sir.” Ender turned back forward as the yeoman approached with the log and Ender signed it.  Petra said, “Sir once we arrive at Starbase 214 what are our orders.” Ender said, “Before the Catovens we are to assist them in finish building the starbase, but now I guess we will have to find out.”

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