Star Trek Endeavor: Chaotic Catovens

On their way towards Starbase 214 the Endeavor encounters a transport ship in trouble only when they arrive the crew of the Endeavor will encounter an unknown species that is a handful to both the Endeavor and the people on Starbase 214.


3. 3

Two hours later the Endeavor approached Starbase 214 (in the distance) as the Endeavor came out of trans-warp  and Ender and the others watched the view screen and Ender said, “Any new developments commander?” Petra continued looking at her monitors and said, “Just that the Catovens are slowing down and they are within visual range.” Ender said, “Estimate arrival time.” Joachim said, “T minus two minutes.” Petra turned to Ender and said, “Sir they are arming weapons!” Ender pressed a button on his armrest and said, “Red alert!  All hands man your battle stations!” The alert status indicator lights next to the turbo lift changed from yellow to red and the alarm noise went off.  Comms said, “Sir the starbase is aware of the situation and two Federation starships are taking defensive positions around the starbase planet’s orbit!” Ender said, “Helm plot an interception course behind the Catoven ship so we can pin them.” Joachim replied, “Aye sir.” Petra said, “Sir the Catoven ship is approaching the planet but...” Ender turned to her direction and saw her puzzling look on the scanner and he looked concerned and said, “But what commander?” Petra said, “Sir they are not raising shields and are holding their position in front of the starbase with their weapons still charged.” Ender said, “Not raising their shields?  That is strange, but with their weapons still charged they are a danger nonetheless.” Joachim said, “Sir we are within visual range.” Ender turned forward and said, “On screen.” They saw a ship in the same configuration as the other one as it held its position in front of the starbase and a Miranda 2 and Armstrong class starships flanking the planet and pointing at the Catoven ship.  Ender said, “Hail them.” After a few moments comms replied, “Sir I got nothing on all channels.” Petra said, “Sir it appears the crew are fighting amongst themselves within the Catoven ship hand to hand.” Joachim said, “Sounds like they are having a mutiny.” Ender got up and said, “I’m going aboard.  Have a fully armed security detail met me in transporter room 1, you have the bridge commander.” They all turned to Ender with a look of shock and Joachim said, “Sir it’s too dangerous!” Ender started walking towards the turbo lift ignoring Joachim and Petra said, “Sir are you sure you don’t want me to come along?” Ender said, “I need you on the bridge commander and prepare to beam me out in case diplomacy does not work with these people.  Wish me luck.” Ender entered the turbo lift as the bridge crew still looked on in shock as the door closed.


    Ender entered the transporter room with five security personnel standing by on the transporter pads as Ender pulled out his phaser and set it on stun.  Ender turned to the transporter chief and said, “Do you have the location of their bridge?” The chief replied, “Yes sir, but by the looks of it its pretty messy over there.” Ender said, “We’ll take our chances.” Ender stepped up on the transporter pad and said, “Our job is to secure the bridge and sort out what is going on over there.  Set you phasers on stun.  Be in mind we represent the Federation and we will be the first to contact these people so we must leave a good impression and show them what the Federation represents.” The security team set their phasers and Ender said, “Energize.” The chief operated the controls and the transporter powered up and they dematerialized.


    When they rematerialized they found themselves on an open bridge with the command chair on an elevated platform in the center and computer consoles along the circular bridge with a small main viewer that is smashed by a chair.  Ender the immediately ducked as a wrench flew over his head and they all looked around and saw the bridge looked like a scene from a bar fight as the male Catovens (wearing leather made uniforms with various ribbons as awards) fought each other hand to hand as they made cat like yelps and howling noises.  Ender ran over to one of the Catoven’s as he was held by two others as another continued to punch him.  He grabbed the punching Catoven on the shoulder and turned him to face Ender only that Ender was immediately punched in the face knocking him back as the Catoven resumed to punch the other that is held down.  An Andorian female security man came up behind Ender and looked at him alarmed and she yelled, “Are you all right captain?” Ender rubbed his brushed cheek and yelled over the brawl around him, “I’m all right!  Secure the rest of the bridge!” The security personnel went around trying to break up the brawl only to be drawn in themselves with random phaser blasts going off.  Ender grabbed the same Catoven before and yanked him back with one hand as the Catoven was thrown off his feet and knocked two others behind him.  Ender then ran up to the ones holding the one Catoven and kicked one in the groan sending him flying back and smashing in one of the computer monitors while Ender punched the other in the face knocking him flat on his back.  The Catoven that Ender threw back charged at him from behind, but Ender threw back his right elbow and elbowed the Catoven in the face sending him sprawling onto his back with black liquid seeping from his nose and mouth and laid unconscious.  


    In the meantime, one of the security men was thrown across the bridge as another tried punching another Catoven in the stomach but the towering Catoven stood before him unfazed as the security man looked up and he was grabbed and thrown to the side knocking a smaller Catoven.  As a Catoven came at Ender he put both hands on the console behind him and kicked the Catoven in the chest with both feet sending him flying back.  Another Catoven came up to Ender and he back handed him while another Catoven jumped behind Ender, grabbed him beneath both armpits and lifted him up as he pulled Ender’s arms back.  Ender grimaced in pain before he threw his feet back and kicked the Catoven below the chin as Ender flipped over and flew from the Catoven’s grasp and landed on his feet before the Catoven stumbled back and fell directly into a chair behind a console and sat there unconscious.  Then another Catoven came behind Ender with a metal club raised and made an angry cat yell he was grabbed from behind and was lifted up over the head of the Catoven that Ender saved and he growled in anger as Ender watched him throw the Catoven to the side and knocking down three Catovens in his wake.  The Catoven turned to the surprised Ender and thumped his chest as he made a cat like howling noise.  Ender said, “I take it as we are allies!” The Catoven just stared down at him with its cat like eyes and licked its right paw until another Catoven came up behind it and grabbed him from behind only for the Catoven before Ender to hiss at it and easily knocked the Catoven out with one punch.  The chaos still ensued around Ender and noticed the security team is unable to stop the massive brawl.  Ender sighed with a look of annoyance and said out loud, “Enough!” He fired his phaser straight at the ceiling at full charge and the fighting suddenly ceased as the Catovens turned at Ender’s direction with a look of shock.  Ender said, “Security, have all of those that were fighting against us rounded up and keep them separated from the others.” The security team rounded up the mutineers with their phasers pointed at them and moved them off the bridge with the Cutover’s that allied with the security team pulled out hand held pipe shaped rifles and helped them as well.


    Ender turned his attention to his Catoven friend and pulled out his translator and he said, “Can you stop the riots going on inside your ship?” The Catoven made cat like noises and meows but the translator did not respond back to Ender and he sighed and said, “I guess it’s the old fashion way.” Ender made hand signals hoping the Catoven could understand.  The Catoven made a hiss sound and clawed the air that took Ender aback and Ender hand signaled, “Did I offend you?” The Catoven shook his head and repeated the hissing sound and clawed the air.  Ender stood there trying to understand what he is saying as Ender looked confused and hand signaled, “Fight?” The Catoven meowed and nodded in acknowledgement.  Ender sighed and said to himself, “Oh boy.” Ender hand signaled that he is going to contact his ship to render assistance and the Catoven meowed in acknowledgement.  Ender then pulled out his communicator and said, “Captain Wiggin to Endeavor.” Petra replied, “Yes captain.” Ender said, “I’m going to reach the captain of this ship but in the meantime lock onto the ship with the tractor beam and notify Starbase 214 to have their security details ready to board to stop the riots on board the Catoven vessel.” Petra said, “Affirmative captain.” Ender put his communicator away and signaled the Catoven of the location of the ship’s captain.  The Catoven made a high pitch laugh that made Ender cringe before the Catoven pointed at himself and Ender looked dumbfounded and said, “Oh.” Ender signaled the captain about the tractor beam and his ship is going to be towed to the starbase before them and the Catoven meowed in acknowledgment.  Outside the ship the Endeavor engaged its tractor beam onto the Catoven vessel and Ender’s communicator beeped and he pulled it out and Petra said, “Tractor beam engaged captain.  Do you want me to send more security personnel for assistance?” Ender replied, “No we’re fine here for now.  Notify me when we reach orbit, Wiggin out.” The Endeavor towed the Catoven ship in orbit around Starbase 214 as it is surrounded by the other two Federation starships.

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