Going Our Seperate Ways

This is the sequel to "The Troubles of Life" If you didn't read it, go frickin read it or you won't understand anything thats going on.

This book is about the adventure that Leah and Andi (Roxy) have together. They meet so many people along the way new ones and old ones. But along the way Leah and Andi's relationship goes downhill. Will they be friends in the end? READ TO FIND OUT!


6. He Gone

Alfonzo and I went into the woods to go find Justin. We've been in the woods for about 3 hours now. Alfonzo just kept asking me about "Roxy". He's a weirdo. He just kept rambling on and on and on. Then it stops. I turn around to see him not there. I start walking a little faster. Then all of the sudden Justin walks up to me with a gun. "It's all over now Leah." He put the gun up to my head and that's when I heard Alfonzo screaming from the top of a tree. "I'm coming down now!" He then jumps out of the tree and lands on Justin. Blood splattered everywhere. Alfonzo gets up, "Problem solved." He smiles and walks away. Yeah, he's got some problems.

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