Forbidden Love

Laura was a normal girl until Tiler walked into her life.

Copy write act of 1990 copy written in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania date of February 27, 2016


9. She's Gone

Chapter 8: She's Gone

As I jumped in my car I saw Tiler and Julian walking over to me. "Hey my beautiful Angel" "Hey sweetheart" "Hey where's Hannah" "I have no clue she usually would tell me if she had somewhere to be and she wasn't in study hall so i don't know I've tried calling her but no luck at all with that either" "God damn it" "I have to find her" " Why?" "Because if we don't she may be gone forever" What my best friend the girl that I have known for years. This can not be happening. "Laura when was the last time you heard from her?" "Right after Chemistry let out she told me to met her in the library but when I got there she was long gone." Julian said nothing more but jump in his car and speed out of the parking lot leaving me and Tiler there alone. "So beautiful I was thinking of dinner maybe tonight" "That sounds amazing but my parents would never let me  out of the house well my mom would but my dad would have a different say" "Why? It's not like I'm going to hurt you would never do that to you." " I know Tiler but my dad is like that he is very protective of me and my sisters mostly me because I am the baby of the family and that is how many people are in my family with the youngest they get really protective of them, don't ask me why because I do not have that answer because that is just them." "Laura Angel you need to live a little okay your parents can not control all the little things you do in life okay baby doll" "I know I'll ask okay" "Alright Angel". With that I gave him a quick kiss and got in my car to drove home. Half way home I pulled over and decided to text Hannah again. But yet again still no answer. I texted Julian to see if he found her and no luck with him either. I pulled into my driveway and got out of my car with my keys and book bag in hand. I know no one is home at the moment but my mom will be in 20 minutes. Right as I went to open the front door with my key I saw a note on the door. "Laura you need to help me. I have gotten myself into a sticky situation that I can't dig myself out of. Don't tell anybody about this note just come get me at the Black Mustang Signed Hannah." I knew this was Hannah because of her hand writing. I called my mom and told her I would be stuck at the library and while I was at it asked her if me and Tiler could go on our date tonight. She said yes of course now the hard parts finding Hannah and having my dad let me go on my date. As I turned the corner into the Black Mustangs parking lot  I saw Hannah's car sitting there in the parking lot. I pulled in next to her and jumped out and ran inside.When I walked in I saw Julian laying on the floor I wanted to turn around and runaway but I knew I couldn't not only because my best friend is in danger but that I could never live with myself if I would turn and run away. I walked to the back room the same room Tiler and I met that one night. And there Hannah sat alone crying. "Hannah it's me" I whispered. "Laura be careful they have guys all over this place" I ran over to her. "Look Hannah I'm going to get you out of here alive even if I die trying, look if they come back I'll fight them off you go out the back door." "Laura no that is a bad idea" "No it's not just follow through with it." Just as  said that four to ten guys walked in all holding chains and guns. "Hannah now" Hannah bolted to the back door but was caught by to guys. "Well look at what we have here" "Yeah captain two beautiful birds" "One is Patch's girlfriend" "Which one?" "That one." With that he pointed to me and I guess the leader or whoever he was started coming closer to me. "Take the other one and chain her up I'll deal with this little one." Everybody listened and did as they told I tried to run and scream but nothing was happening I was in a frozen state. "No need to run little one you're already dead" I went to say something but that is when Tiler and now the beaten but healed up Julian came running in. "You let both of them go and we will let you live" Tiler said. "And what if I don't" "Then I guess I'll have to do this" Julian ran over to one guy holding Hannah and he started beating the crap out of him. The other guys piled on top of Julian and Hannah broke free Tiler told her to leave. But Tiler didn't realize that the guy holding me had me out the back door. I screamed and Tiler's head turned towards me he ran full force almost looked he was flying and not running. Tiler grabbed a hold of the guys neck and it sounded like he broke it. He grabbed my hand and Julian ran out the door with us Hannah was sitting a few roads down in her car. Julian ran down and got her. Tiler pushed me in my car and started the engine. "You want to tell me what that was about" he yelled at me. I didn't answer him " Laura what the hell! Fuck! GOD DAMN IT"  "I'm sorry okay I wanted to save my best friends life" "Laura you don't understand the damage they can do to you, babygirl I know you want to help and save your best friend honey. I love you Laura and I want you to be safe in my hands." "Why Tiler?" "So I know that you are going to be okay and I don't know what I would do if you got hurt." "Awe Tiler" "Baby promise me something?" "What honey?" "No matter what happens and what the situation is you would let me help and protect you under every single circumstance" "Yes I will baby I promise you" "Thank you". And with that he leaned in and kissed me.

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