Forbidden Love

Laura was a normal girl until Tiler walked into her life.

Copy write act of 1990 copy written in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania date of February 27, 2016


1. School

Chapter 1: School

"I can't believe this" I said. I was already late to Chemistry great and it just happens to be the only class me and Hannah are always late to because of the school newspaper. I hate being an honor student for that reason and that reason only. Many people at my school are not the brightest people in the world that I can tell you. As me and Hannah ran down the stairs and pass the gym to get to Chemistry without Mr. Single going into class yet and technically be late to him.  But we made it just as the last bell rang for every student to be in class. Well as me and Hannah always sat together well Mr. Single was in a bad mood i guess what we got new partners great. I just hope i don't get Annie. Annie is one of the meanest, nastiest, and cold heart person I ever met. And yes that is all true. " Tiler you will be Chemistry partners with Laura" Tiler who is Tiler What no Hannah "Hannah you will be Annie's Chemistry partner, now that we all have new partners I need you guys to get to know on another so that you two will able to work nice together" and with that Mr. Single went back to his desk. "God help me and Hannah" I whispered to myself. As I went to look at Tiler he looked at me and oh my gosh was he pretty. He had jet black hair, he was wearing a black beanie, and a red t-shirt, with a black or dark wash skinny jeans with some black vans, plus he had a lip ring. And wow was he good looking. I could not help but stare at him until he coughed and looked at me. I came back to reality and started asking questions about himself and his life. "Hi what is your name I asked?" he chuckled and smiled "Tiler McCoy sweetheart" sweetheart wow buddy. " Do you have a job?" "Yes I work at Ryan's" he then asked me questions " So Laura do you mind if I ask you if it is hard work working on the school paper?" WHAT?!?!?! How did he know that. But before I could ask him or he could ask me anything more the bell rang and he ran out the door. I didn't wait for Hannah I ran after him and told him we would need to finish but he said nothing instead he took my phone and put his contact in. He looked at me said " Call me when you get home sweetheart." And with that he left I couldn't stop him and finally Hannah caught up to me and yelled at me for not waiting for her. I told her I am so sorry and I'm sorry she had to work with one of the meanest girls in school.


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