Forbidden Love

Laura was a normal girl until Tiler walked into her life.

Copy write act of 1990 copy written in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania date of February 27, 2016


11. School Day 3

Chapter 12: School Day 3

I woke up to my alarm going off and Tiler was gone. I remember falling asleep next to him last night. I rolled over to smell a scent I knew and it was the scent f his cologne. I knew he was here last night. That's when I remembered the scar, I grabbed my phone calling Hannah to see how she was doing but it went right to her voice mail. I got up and went to pick out what I would wear today I grabbed my phone to check the temperature and see how hot it was here. Today high would be 80 degrees outside my body was saying shorts but my hairy legs are saying leggings. I decide to wear shorts so I jumped in the shower to clean myself up and shave my very hairy legs. I got out and heard my mom yelling for me "Yes mother." "Tiler is here to drive you to school okay." What Tiler driving me to school. He walked up to my room and left the door open I was already changed into my school clothes and I was sitting at my vanity doing my makeup. "Angel you don't need that stuff you are already the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." "Awe thank you Hon but I think I'm still going to wear it because it makes me feel beautiful." "Okay Angel." He sat at the end of my bed and started to look around and see things. "Is this a teddy bear?" "NO please don't touch that, that was a gift from my grandpa he gave it to me when I was born it's all I have left of him." "Why what happened?" "He pasted away around Christmas time of last year." "Oh I'm so sorry angel I did not know." It's okay not many people do know he was kind of like my dad for the longest time until my step dad came into my life when I was 6." "Well if I would have got to met him I would have told him he did a good job at rasing such a beautiful, smart, adventures girl, and I'll tell you something angel that will make a lot of guys like you but you know what you are mine and mine forever and nobody else okay?"  "Okay hon whatever you say goes right. " As i was finishing my makeup he packed my school bag and and went into my closet to grab a pair of shoes. I grabbed some lotion and put it on my legs so they where just shaved and everything I also put them on my arms since I was wearing a gray short sleeves shirt and a flannel wrapped around my waist and black high wasted shorts. I grabbed my Our Moment perfume and sprayed that on my wrist and the back of my neck and all over my body so i can smell good. I also put hair perfume in to make my hair smell good. He gave me a weird look and just went and grabbed my book bag. "Okay I have everything packed I'm going to start the car and I'll be waiting for you okay." "Okay hon." He came over and kissed my head and  I grabbed my shoes and and put them on which were my white converse and a necklace. I ran down the stairs with my phone in my hand I kissed my mom and dad goodbye. "Laura will you be home. " "Yeah if not I'll call you okay mom." "Okay sweetheart have a great day." "I will." I ran out the door and down the stairs to Tiler's truck and jumped in. We left for school. By the time we got there the school doors were just opening I put the books I did not need into my locker and got out books for first period and started to catch up on some work fr the newspaper.  I also had a report paper due in a few days and I'm nowhere done with it so I would have to go to the library again today. I got up from where me, Tiler, and Julian sat waiting for Hannah to get here. I got up and got breakfast since I did not eat anything today yet and it was most likely going to be a long day. Hannah finally go here and I got up and hugged her since I missed her so much. "Promise me you will wait for me today. " "Pinky promise bestie." "Thanks girly." We sat down and the boys looked at us and smiled Julian kissed her and she smiled. It was so cute to see how happy they looked together. I looked at Tiler as he placed his hand on my knee and kiss my forehead. "Tiler McCoy and Julian Czweska please report to the office,"   with that the boys left. As me and Hannah sat there just working on our papers. That was win the first bell rang for first period ever since the accident Hannah has been really quiet and usually she tells me everything. As i gathered my things for first period which was gym clothes. God I hate having gym first period. As I came out of the locker room I saw Tiler standing right outside the boys locker room. As I walked over to him he smiled " Hey angel are you alright." " Yeah I'm alright, what happened why where you and Julian called to the office." "Some shit we had to fill out for me to get my working papers." "Oh okay yeah I know that it's a hard part of getting a job in high school I'm sorry baby." "That's alright. " We walked in the gym and Mr.Williams was back god damn I hate this man he is always so mean to me and everybody else he never knows when he had enough. I wish he did because it is so hard to even talk to him without him cracking a joke about me or someone else. " Well good morning miss little tennis Laura." "Good morning to you too Mr. Williams I see your surgery went well." "Yeah you could say it was a knee and a half hahahah." With that I sat back down and sat down and just waited to have my name be called so I can say I was here and just get this day done and over with already. He took roll and I got up and started to walk Tiler was getting his pedometer and then was going to come and join me on my walking experience.  Well that is what I thought but I guess I was wrong he started to walk alone and then a girl from my class started to walk with him. I wish she was not but I guess he was just friends with her. That was until I saw her try and grab his hand. Thankfully he pulled away and started to walk closer to me. I stopped and let him catch up but he didn't  he stayed the same distance as before. So with me thinking the worse he was starting to change like everyone said he would and that I was starting to get really sad. The bell rang and I ran to the locker room that girl that was talking to Tiler came in and looked at me did not say anything just glared at me like I did her wrong. Well sorry my boyfriend does not like you do I have to writ e this put for you, you little fucking bitch. After I was done I walked out I saw Tiler standing there again but this time I was not going to go talk to him if he wanted to talk he could come and talk to me. I do not care anymore not e\after I saw that. The bell rang and I started my way to Chemistry the class I hated because Tiler sat right fucking next to me. Well to tell you this much I waited a little and saw him walk out with the girl. Excuse me but what do you think you are doing. I pulled out my phone and text Hannah what was going on. She sent back yeah Julian has been doing the same for since yesterday I actually found out he was texting this girl. We need to meet up for lunch so we can find out what to do for revenge on these assholes. I agreed and sat done at my lab table. Tiler walked in 5 minutes after the bell rang and sat down next to the girl he talked to in gym and walked out with last period. I wanted to cry but I knew that was going to give him what he wanted. As class began Mr. Single saw Tiler was in his wrong seat and made him come back and sit with me. As I was working on the paper he gave us. "Hey" he whispered.  I did not even smile back at him nothing you want to talk to other girls be my guess but don't come crawling your sorry ass back here. After class I gathered my things and left to meet up with Hannah to head to the library. But before that we walked to Mrs. Abel's room to see what she wanted in the schools newspaper this week. We found out we need to put stuff for Prom in there. Great I know I won't be going Tiler will probably ask his new girlfriend. As we walked in the library to start going over things. That was when a student council walked in asking if they could work here to start planning out prom. We said yes, me and Hannah where always the first ones to find out what the prom theme was. It was always good to know because at least we would get a head start on the dress pick. Well we finished up our time in the library and headed to lunch. Thank god this school day is almost over. As we got to lunch we saw Tiler and Julian were already there with there arms around there "Girlfriends". Me and Hannah took our seats at  a round table we weren't probably going to eat but just sit here and do work for the newspaper and prom. "Laura can I talk to you about this thing now/" I looked up and looked around for Tiler and Julian and they were on the other half of the cafeteria. "Yeah spill" "Do you think the boys are just trying to make us jealous." "I have no clue but hey can you drive me home today Tiler drove me but I honestly do not want to get in  a car with that dickhead." "Yeah totally is it alright if I come home with you anyway." "Yeah you can spend the night my mom would not care." "Thank you" "Your welcomes babes, hey I thought today was yours and Julian's 1 year." "It was until this shit today." "Awww I'm sorry girly." Lunch was over and I walked Geometry I hated this class because it is like the end of the year and I don't want to go to algebra II. But my last two class periods flew by like nothing. At the end of the day I was at my locker with Hannah next to me getting my stuff out and putting my books in. We walked out to the student parking lot I saw Tiler's truck wasn't even here so either way he was going to make me walk that is when the girl that was buddy buddy with him came out of car and so did Tiler her lipstick all smeared and she was smiling Tiler was zippering up his pants and when I saw that my heart broke. He cheated on me for some whore just because I was not ready to have sex are you fucking serious. I ran to Hannah's car and Hannah was close behind with just as much pain in her eyes I looked up and saw Julian get out of his car doing the same thing to another girl. That is when both boys saw me and Hannah we got in her car she jabbed her keys in the insinuation and a stepped on the gas and we where out of there. 

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