Forbidden Love

Laura was a normal girl until Tiler walked into her life.

Copy write act of 1990 copy written in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania date of February 27, 2016


4. School Day 2

Chapter 4: School Day 2

 As I heard my alarm clock beeping for me to wake you. I rolled over to smash my face in my pillow. As Lady started to bark again I woke up knowing I had to take her out. I let her out to go to the bathroom. I turned my water on in the shower so it warms up. Lady ran back inside as I started to undress and get in I heard a knock at the door. I grabbed a towel and wrapped myself in it. I peaked out the window to see who it was. Lone behold it was my brother who forgot his keys again. My older brother Ryan still lives at home but sometimes out of the week he goes and sees his girlfriend Maria. Maria is a beautiful girl with blue eyes and brown curly hair. She is everything my brother ever wanted in a girl. They are actually getting married in the spring and then moving in together. I grabbed his keys and handed them to him. With that he kissed my head thanked me and went on his way. Since it being 5 in the morning I really did not need to rush around. I jumped in the shower and cleaned up for the day. When I got out I headed back to my room to grab some clothes for the day. I put some light makeup on not really because I put the makeup on it know being 5:45 I didn't need to leave till 6:45 to make it to school at 7 even though it doesn't start till 8 I like to go sit in the library and study I know I'm such a big nerd. As I finished getting ready I made myself some french toast. I will say I'm a pretty good chef myself. By the time I was done with everything it 6:15. I decided to text Hannah and see if she was a wake because knowing Hannah she will sleep in all day if someone doesn't wake her up. I called her and no answer knowing her mom would be there to wake her up in a minute she'll see my text. I texted Tiler to see if we missed anything from last nights meeting at my place to finish the homework.  "Hey Tiler do you need anymore questions answered ?" "No I'm good Angel" "Tiler stop with Angel or I'm going to make you a nickname" "Be my guess Angel" "Fine how about Scar" "Scar?" "Yeah Scars are mysterious and always beautiful in a way" "So you think I'm good looking" "No I never said that" "Oh I think you just did Angel "Whatever" "I'll see you soon Angel" "Maybe" "Maybe oh I will Angel " "Haha see you Scar" "See you soon Angel". As I grabbed my car keys and jumped in my car to leave for school I saw someone staring at me. From the other side he looked familiar but I didn't trust my luck. I jumped in my car and drove the 10 minutes to school. Since I was able to drive at the beginning of the years I only had to pay $10 for my student parking ticket. I was never late for all I know I was always earlier or in time to class. As I grabbed my bag and keys and locked my car I walked to the schools main entrance. As I walked in there he sat Scar right at the top of the staircase. He normally is never there when I walk in. He probably always came late or stayed in the cafeteria with his friends. I know Scar has very little friends that he is close to. But his best friend has to be Julian. Julian is a ruthless jerk that doesn't care about anyone's feelings except Hannah's. He will be so care with Hannah's feelings this is because Hannah and Julian are secretly dating. Me and Scar are the only two that know about there secret relationship. There has been times were I had to lie to her mom and dad because all hell would break lose if they found out about Hannah dating someone. So would my family ever since my sisters getting pregnant at the age of 16 all 3 of them they don't want that happening to me. They want me to make something of the family's name. I'm a straight A honor student with the little nerdy but yet fun girl. Yes I know I may not look like a nerd this is because I'm not ugly and I don't eat alone at lunch. I always have Kylee, Kylee, Hannah, Hope, Ashley, and Megan with me. My girls are probably the best thing to that ever happened in my life. As I got to my locker I saw Scar just standing there looking at me "Hey Angel told you I would see you today" "Hey Scar" "What's wrong?" "Nothing just... nothing" he pushed me to the lockers that were shut next to mine. "Angel you can tell m anything what's wrong?" "Nothing" i lied. I wanted to tell him so badly but I knew I couldn't I mean I just met him he's not Hannah.  I grabbed my stuff out of  my locker and got away from him as soon as I could. I don't know him that well and who was he to but into my life. I walked in the cafeteria looking around for Hannah. Hannah always was the first one here. I found her sitting alone waiting for me I could tell. I ran and put my stuff down to talk to her. She hit me the minute I sat down. "Hey what was that for?" "For not telling me you and Scar now have a new fling" "What? No" "Laura the whole schools knows" "Knows what?" "That you and Scar are a thing" "How" "Scar posted in a relationship on twitter and you are tagged in it" I pulled out my phone and there it was a picture of me saying I was his girlfriend. "Hannah I have to go I have to find Scar" "Yeah you go talk to him about this because you know your parents find out they will kill you" "I know". I ran out of the cafeteria and went down to his locker. There he was talking to Julian. "Scar we need to talk NOW!!" I grabbed his arm and walked down the hall a little more "What the hell is this?!!" I showed him and he smiled "What are you upset I'm calling you mine" "Scar my parents would kill me they found out that we are you know a co-couple" "Angel look I like you okay if they want to interagate me let them I will not have a problem with it" "Scar you're" "Crazy" I smiled as he finished my sentence "So does this mean I'm your girlfriend" "Exactly Angel" I smiled and hugged him. He went in for a kiss but I stopped him "I'm sorry but can we take things slow" "Yes Angel" he kissed my forehead. I walked back into the cafeteria and sat with Hannah. "So..." "I guess we are a thing" "Laura your parents are going to kill him" "Hannah I told him I wanted to take things slow" "Also why don't you and Julian finally announce you two are a thing" "You think that's a good idea" "Yes I mean were not going to stay little forever now are we" "I guess not I'll talk to him later about it". The bell for class rang for us to get to first period. I hated my first period class which was walking and wellness. But I think I would now since Scar is in that class with me I think I will. As I walked in the gym I saw him sitting on the bleachers waiting for Mr. Krisner to tell us what goal we had today. I sat next to him and smiled. "Hey handsome" "Hey Angel" "Okay everyone goal is 3 miles today" "Are you serious how the hell am I going to do that with my little baby legs". Scar snickered at me "Something funny to you" "Yeah baby legs" "Shut up I'm short okay" "I know Angel". As we walked together and started to throw a tennis ball at one another. Since I am in tennis I'm team captain of the girls team.  That time it was over. That class always went really slow for me for some reason. Maybe because Tiler was trying to hold something from me. As we walked to Social Studies which was one of my most hated subjects. History happens to be my second worst subject this semester. But for some odd reasons I got a perfect on my test. That normally doesn't happen. But for the rest of day Scar stayed close to me making sure I was going to be okay. As the school day came and went. I walked out of the prison called school.

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