Reading with them Book 1

okay so I wanted to do something about someone from the future coming back to the present (like harry coming back to his third year at Hogwarts) and doing about harry reading the books etc so I kind of did both at the same time. You'll see how....


3. Dumbledore's office

Harry and Harry (A/N that was weird to write) made their way to Dumbledore's office under the invisibility cloak. Harry (O) found this as the perfect opportunity to start a conversation about what he had witnessed himself do. " So, how are you?" "Great actually. The DA is perfect, I have the best godfather ever, and MY FUTURE SELF JUST WALKED IN ON ME KISSING MY CRUSH FOR THE FIRST TIME" "Yeah sorry about that. We had n idea what time of the year we would land in." "Do you still remember it? I mean the kiss?" "Of course I do!" "As the best moment of your life?" "As the most embarrassing." "Nargles?" "Yup" With that they said the password to Dumbledore's office. However, before knocking, Harry (Y) got out from under the invisibility cloak. Once inside, he made sure the door was open long enough for his older self to get into the room before he closed it. He turned to his Headmaster and told him the future Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny were in the room of requirement. Just when he finished his sentence, the older Harry removed the invisibility cloak " It's nice seeing you again professor" Dumbledore's eyes were twinkling like Harry had never seen them. He wanted to ask how he came back in time but thought there would be time for it later. At the moment he needed to know why they were here. As if to answer his question Harry (O) spoke "Professor we need to change certain events, prevent certain things from happening. That's why we came back, to fix what was broken. To do so, we need you to gather a number of people and go to the seventh floor where Harry will be waiting. I'm afraid it cannot wait until tomorrow. Hermione put a charm on the room so that from the moment we are all present in the room, time will stop everywhere else. Here is a list of the people you need to gather. We will be waiting on the seventh floor in front of the painting of Barnabas The Barmy teaching trolls how to dance." "Alright mister potter I will meet you in an hour" Here are the names present on the list: -Severus Snape -Minerva McGonagall -Alastor Moody -Nymphadora Tonks -Remus Lupin -Sirius Black -Arthur Weasley -Molly Weasley -Bill Weasley -Charlie Weasley -Percy Weasley -Fred Weasley -George Weasley -Ron Weasley (scratched) -Ginny Weasley (scratched) -Hermione Granger (scratched) -Harry Potter (scratched) -Kingsley Shacklebolt (?) -Draco Malfoy

-Neville Longbottom

-Vernon Dursley

-Petunia Dursley

-Dudley Dursley

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